Musicmandir is pleased to feature Khatth (pronounced “ख़त”, meaning – letter), a band based out of Bhubaneswar, which came into being during the summer of 2019. The trio consists of Ashutosh Verma, Aditya Atmakuri and Satyam Nayak. All the members have vastly different tastes and styles in music which helps them harvest and mix distinctive components like some indie charm, classical tinge, some pop factor and a little bit of rock in their tracks.

The band is now set to release their second EP Peher on 12th September 2021. Peher (pronounced “पहर”, meaning – time) is a collection of three tracks – ‘Naakaamyaab’, ‘Faasla’ and ‘Kahin’. The story-driven EP is about failure, separation and hope. 

Naakaamyaab delineates the time when someone is stuck in a grey area. It is about failure and the sorrow associated with it. The track represents the feeling of being incomplete in words and how this feeling overshadows all other emotions.

Faasla is about acceptance. It tells us that everything might not go according to one’s plan. The outcome might cause separation or misery but accepting it would turn these emotions into contentment because as we grow, we learn to become more hopeful.

Kahin tries to convey the message that everything will be alright with time. Hope is a cure for grief. Till the time we remain hopeful, we shall find the key to happiness by some way or the other. This track is just like a musical pat on the back.

Failure, acceptance and hope. All we’re trying to say is that it’s just a matter of time, hence the name, Peher.

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