Lab Rat’s Deciphers

A fun chat with Joshua also known as ‘The Cheeseball Giant’ and Akhil who are part of Lab Rat’s Deciphers. They actively play with different bands and musicians in the independent music scene across cities. The duo have just released their debut EP having the same name.

Musicmandir – Hi guys, tell us a more about yourself?

Akhil has been a financial management student but music has been what he always wanted to do. He has performed as a bass player with certain indie artists and Bollywood artists. Lately he has been working on his own compositions, some old some new. He also works with other composers & artists helping with recording/producing music for them.

Joshua has been into music since the age of 8. In his early years he began learning guitar from his father and in 2012 he picked up the drum sticks and found his true home behind the kit. Having played guitar and drums, it gave him the knowledge to understand instrumentation. Now he has further branched his skills into production, music composition and also as a music educator.

They met when Akhil joined the band Tapas for bass duties in 2017 while Joshua was already playing drums for them.  In 2019, they started to release their own respective music and in 2020 they decided to come together and make an interesting collaboration which is Lab Rat’s Deciphers.

Listen to ‘GOLD’ by The Lab Rat’s Deciphers

Musicmandir – How would you describe your sound especially since the EP has so many distinct influences ?

The sound was a surprise in the sense that the stylistic decisions were made by the audience. A poll was conducted where they chose the style of music and a category of instruments we used for making each song. But our influence of electronic music is what has binded the songs together through the E.P.  The usage of synthesizers, electronic beats, sampling, etc are the basic components we used for the sound.

Musicmandir – How have you been spending the past months of Covid-19 quarantine?

Together, we worked on the Lab Rat’s Deciphers, and Tapas’s new music. Individually we are working on our new music as well. Joshua has been playing drums covers of certain challenging songs, while Akhil has been working on some covers and playing guitars/bass for other composers.

Musicmandir – 5 Indian Independent artists you’ve been listening to lately.

  1. Shreya Phukan. You should check out “O Jiya”.
  2. Prabhdeep is doing great. Kicking out nice music.
  3. Recently Ramya and ‘Dropped out’ put out a new song called ‘ihatewhenihurtyou’.
  4. Dhruv Visvanath is one of the most consistent artist out there today.
  5. goyellsaab a.k.a Shubham Goyal.
  6. Ramil Ganjoo is someone you should check out if you like the vibe of Prateek Kuhad.
  7. Iridescentgrapevine a.k.a Aaditya Surve.

Find out more about The Lab Rat’s Deciphers here.