Slight Diversion

Pushan Kripalani is a film-maker and theatre director who started writing songs relatively recently. Slight Diversion came to be as a loose affiliation of disparate talents Nikhil D’Souza, Kenneth Basumatari, among others. The first EP, Borrowed Guitars saw Slight Diversion become artist of the month, with it climbing to number 6 on the charts and the single, Man, Boy and Liar, going to no.1.

After a dozen tracks, live gigs and hard won time in the studio, this new EP, A Year Later, is lyrically and sonically, the most adventurous yet.

Mumbai based filmmaker, theatre director and singer-songwriter Pushan Kripalani aka Slight Diversion released a set of three soul stirring tracks today in his new EP – A Year later.

Time and its subtle changes, is a theme that weaves its way through all three songs. This compilation also had his imitable style of thought provoking lyrics with deep vocals.

Listen to the EP below –

Elaborating on his new music, Pushan Kripalani said, “This EP represents a vignette of incidents and experiences that I’ve grappled with for over a year. I try to reflect themes in my music, that speak to the vagaries of the heart as I always have since my debut EP in 2019. In this new release,
I’ve tried to explore a different sonic tapestry than the earlier simpler acoustic vibe by adding unusual instruments and creating a fuller sound, for which I have Kenneth, Nikhil and Tapas to thank.”
The first of the three tracks is ‘10 to 1’ (Some Kind of Love), which starts out looking at the end of a relationship and goes through various stages of time to a certain wistful understanding and acceptance in the present.

‘Steady’ comes in next and is about the tribulations of song writing.
Something of a letter to his younger self to not lose heart and keep at it.

The EP ends with ‘This Little Pill’ which is about trying to stave off the big problems in one’s life with quick fix solutions.

EP Credits;
Lyrics/Vocals/Guitars: Pushan Kripalani.
Additional guitars and vocals: Nikhil D’Souza.
Wurlitzer, piano, drums and bass guitar: Kenneth Basumatari.
Additional Piano: Sanjeev Kriplani.
All tracks produced and mixed by Kenneth Basumatari.
Recording and additional production: Tapas Relia
Assisted by: Shubhank Chaube
Mastered by Shawn Hatfield.

‘A Year Later’ is out now on all streaming platforms.