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The Silverbeets Interview

Musicmandir is super excited to be interviewing Farnz Cordeaux from ‘The Silverbeats’, a rock and roll band from Hobart,
Tasmania (the small island state of Australia at the bottom end of the world). This is our first interview with an International group of musicians so please make some noise and share the love for music!

Musicmandir : Hey guys, let’s start out by introducing the band. Who plays what?

Farnz Cordeaux : Howdy Jatin,

The ‘Silverbeets’ currently are Farnz Cordeaux on Rhythm Guitar/vocals, Billy O'Brien on drums, Jamie Scott on Lead Guitar/vocals and now Nigel Hope on Bass. We also have a great producer Ernie Oppenheimer, who also plays keys/synths and other little bits and bobs where necessary as well as does all the mixing and mastering.

Musicmandir : How did the journey begin? What keeps you guys going?

Farnz Cordeaux : Well the journey began back in 2010 in some ways with an old friend Frank. Then he introduced me to Billy who was incredible on the drums and then 2 years later I was mucking around playing drums and Bill came around and started Jamming (I got off the drum-kit at that point). Another friend was already jamming with me on the bass and we started playing some tunes. That Bass player left though (yeah I know we seem to just lose bass players...Weird) and we found Jeff, who I used to play volleyball with. I was getting vocal lessons with Jamie and we just hit it off as friends and he's an amazing musician in general and after a while he just started playing with us. Just recently we met Nigel and all our bass worries have now been solved, the hoodoo is over!
At the moment the current album is what keeps me going, this has been a long time coming. In fact it was supposed to be the first release but all the musicians I gained along the way added new elements and it kept growing and changing, the EP came out first. Nigel our new bass player has also helped the album be better and taken it to a new level as well. After that I have the sketches for another 2 or 3 albums on the hard drive and I can't wait to start working them out more and having the others add their input. That would be cool.

Musicmandir : Who are your influences? How would you categorise your music?

Farnz Cordeaux : I have so many influences, pretty much everything, I just love music. All styles all different things however the pure manufactured pop sound doesn't really tickle my ear buds, and I think that's just because it's very plain straightforward and designed for easy consumption, it's like the fast food of music, in and out and forgotten in a year. The artists that go on and their music goes on, that's what I like, that's what I'd love to attain. I guess we are indie music but only because we do it ourselves and that's just because we haven't been picked up by anyone yet and we want to be creative and get it out for people to hear. I can't wait for someone else to put it out so I do it myself. I'd like to think we are just a good band, rock, pop and other bits thrown in, melodies, harmonies, good lyrics. At least that's what I'd like for people to hear and say, so far people have been very positive.

Musicmandir : Tell us a little about the upcoming album.

Farnz Cordeaux : Well without letting too much out the bag (mainly cos there's still lots to work out) it will be 11 songs. It had a working title ‘Just like a radio’ but I think that has gone now, not entirely sure exactly what will replace it but I have some ideas. No actual planned date of release. I learnt a lot with the release of the EP. I've also been spending
time in this past year or so networking radio stations and just trying to get the band's music out there. So in saying this, somewhere around the end of the year is roughly when it should be ready. One thing I can say is, if you've heard our EP and the cover song we've released you'll have noticed we don't stick to one style or one sound and that is expanded upon this next release.

There was no release date when we did this interview but it is now!


'Stay Tuned' is available from 15 th June 2018, so we hope everyone can listen to the album and share their thoughts.

I’d like to thank Mr Farnz Cordeaux for his time and love for the musical process. Talking to him over the past many months has been a pleasure and one can easily feel the warm and fondness for his love of music. I wish him and the band great success and look forward to lots of more music. The band was also very kind to send me the album all the way to India so I can listen to it. I'll be sure to rock some of the tunes tonight!

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