Cmnd Z

In conversation with producer CMND-Z from New Delhi about his latest single with Bengali singer Dhi Harmony, and rapper Cizzy.

Musicmandir - Hi Anant, tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Anant Abbi also known as ‘CMND-Z’ from New Delhi, India. My musical interest first sparked when I started playing around with percussive instruments which eventually nudged me into the direction of Sound Design and Music Production.
At 18, I moved to Mumbai to study and pursue music professionally, which led me to work and collaborate with multiple artists from various genres.

“Orgasm Vape”, my debut track, is an experimental idea of blending the sounds of orgasm with elements of bass music. This unconventional approach to music is what defines my soundscape and approach to music.
I recently dropped a single with Bengali singer Dhi Harmony, and rapper Cizzy, where a powerful message was blended in with the sound of ‘Future Garage’, a sub-genre of Electronic music.

Listen to Chinechi here.

Musicmandir - Can you tell us about the new track with singer Dhi Harmony and Cizzy. What was it like working with them and about the powerful message since many of us may not understand the lyrics of the song?
So, the song Chinechi is about the time when we face breakdowns and how we collect ourselves and grow stronger. It's all about being strong, the things we learn and move on.
Me and Dhi Harmony had previously worked together and so I was very comfortable working with him during Chinechi which was a fantastic experience. All our collective learnings about sound design and music we poured into this track.

The lyricist Shakya Tarafdar pitched the 1 minute version which we released to Cizzy. The moment we heard Cizzy's take we were blown away by the rawness and energy. The sound engineer Cyril Sajan also did an amazing job on the track.

Chinechi sounded so beautiful we could have never imagined it. One of my good friend Aayush Dhaiya, a graphic designing did the artwork for the track and that was how the track was put together. We released the track on April 10, 2020.

Musicmandir - Can you give us a glimpse into the recording process and what kind of software you use?
So, Dhi Harmony recorded the vocals with AKG Mic with his DAW Logic Pro X. I produced the track on Ableton Live 10 which was then mixed and mastered on Pro Tools.

Musicmandir - How would you describe the producer community In delhi / Mumbai and what according you are some of the pros and cons of it?
The producer's community in Delhi and Mumbai is really good. I'm really happy with how every producer isreacting to Chinechi and some of my unreleased tracks.

Musicmandir - Who are your favourite Indian artists?
Baajewala, Katoptris, Veer and many more (Basically bass music producers)


Watch out for new music which is going to be released soon by CMND-Z. 

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