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We are stoked to bring to you our first international artist and give you a glimpse into the intense world of Canadian desi rapper, one of Atlanta’s newest rap stars 'Shah'. … Read More


Musicmandir is very pleased to feature 'Krameri' who was kind enough to talk to us from London about her new music and process of songwriting and producing. Her music is … Read More


It was a pleasure to listen to "Forth and Back", a 3 track EP released by the insanely talented Pranjal Uniyal who's modern-age percussive acoustic finger-styled tracks can put you in almost relaxed … Read More


Had the pleasure to talk to Mr Imam Hamdani, guitarist/producer based in New York. In 2012 he was featured on a national television music program, drawing attention and acclaim from industry professionals … Read More

Lo! Peninsula

A pleasure talking to rock and rollers from Imphal, Manipur who were recently interviewed by Owen Murphy from KEXP about their Do-It-Yourself approach and release of their debut album called … Read More

Sutej Singh

Fun chat with Mr Sutej Singh who’s debut Prog Metal album called ‘The Emerging’  has garnered fans from all over the country. The album has everything from post rock type … Read More


It was an absolute pleasure to begin 2019 interviewing singer songwriter Maalavika Manoj. The artist is slowly becoming a fan favourite performing in the biggest events across India. Her influences include … Read More


Fopchu is an electronic rock outfit from Delhi who released 'Milk Bred' an EP, which officially released on October 5, 2018. The bands music oozes out hip hop beat rhythms … Read More