Phosphenes is an indie band from Kathmandu, Nepal. The band has made a name for themselves with their unique harmonies and vocals, reflective lyrics, and intricate instrumentals. With each release, Phosphenes has shown a willingness to experiment with their sound, blending genres and influences to create something truly unique.

Phosphenes is a band that is entirely independent when it comes to recording, managing and marketing their music. Their ability to handle all aspects of their music career themselves requires a great deal of hard work, determination, and resourcefulness. While it can be challenging to handle everything independently, Phosphenes approach to music is a testament to their dedication and passion for their craft. By putting in the work themselves, they are able to build a loyal fanbase and make a name for themselves within the music industry.

Phosphenes has released several EPs and one full-length album that showcase the band’s evolution and experimentation with their sound. The debut EP, “Know This Time,” was released in 2018 and features the widely recognised tracks “Dust” and “I Will Be Gone.” The EP showcases the band’s early indie folk sound.

Phosphenes’ debut full-length album, “Sullen Days,” was released in 2021 and features 14 tracks which is a deeply personal and emotive collection of songs that showcases the band’s ability to explore a range of human experiences through their music. The album features the song ‘Yestai Nai Hola’ has been the breakthrough music video of the band which has 3 million views is propelling them to mainstream success . Additionally, “Eklai Huda Ta Jhan” is another Nepali track that has been well received by fans. The album also features standout tracks like “Oh Love” and “Are You Gonna Leave Me” and Sullen Days which showcase the band’s emotive vocals and introspective lyrics.

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Phosphenes is known for their visually stunning music videos that feature unique messages and visuals that add to the overall experience of their music. With each release, Phosphenes continues to evolve and experiment with their sound, making them an exciting band to watch in the indie music scene.

Watch the official music video for ‘Drishya’ released on 2nd August 2023.

Their latest EP, “Simit Yaad,” is set to be released on streaming platforms on
August 2023 and the EP features 5 Nepali songs that reflect the band’s
willingness to experiment with their sound.


Phosphenes has big plans for the future, with a focus on expanding their reach and sharing their music with audiences around the world. The band is planning to tour internationally, with plans to visit the UK, Australia and India in the near future. With their growing fan base, Phosphenes’ music has the potential to connect with people from all walks of life, and the band is excited to take their music to new audiences across the globe.

The band is currently in the process of writing and recording new material, with plans to release an English album in 2024.