TT – ASA X 11( Till tomorrow)

ASA X 11 just released TT ( Till tomorrow), a hard hitting Hip/Hop track, an absolute banger which pictures the current landscape using metaphoric lyricism common in the late works of Jim Morrison, too cryptic wordplay used by famous iconoclast rapper Kanye west.

The track features Hip-Hop & rap duo ASA (Anhad Singh Arora) & 11 (Aadit Kumar Sharma), born and brought-up in the socio-political capital of India who share their insights of the diverse city life of Delhi. Their stories often tend to vary in shades just like the city, from talking about the fast-moving world to writing about the capitalist struggle that they often find themselves to be part of. Stories of their youth and personal lives always stay central to their music. While ASA focuses on the BARS, 11 cooks the beat and works up the vocal sounds, making their chemistry and sound always stay on point.

Contributing artists – pRohphet (Rohan Paul Varghese), TheAnujShow (Anuj Gupta) & S7V7N S7NS (Nipun Nudhir).

Taking inspiration from poets, painters, philosophers, fashion , films, and more. They build an utopic atmosphere talking about the present culture while trying to stay real in these uncertain times, where bigger issues plague, they’re still offering an insight into what it means to be an artist moreover, a Creator.

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ASA X 11 is set to release their 11 track album in June 2021 so stay tuned!

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