Ameya Saraf

Mumbai-bred, LA-based composer and producer Ameya Saraf has officially release his debut album ‘Bend or Break’ on 20th February 2021. The album contains 10 tracks, which are his original compositions from the eponymous documentary based on Mitch Martow’s struggles with EDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome).

Based on the memoir of Mitch Martow, “Bend or Break” is a character driven documentary centered on the inspiring story of Mitch Martow’s life. In his compositions, Ameya has expressed the stages of hardships attached to this disease in a hopeful light. The album is a musical tribute to patients and survivors of extreme disorders such as EDS. In an attempt to lay out an optimistic mood, the composer is heard conveying a message of hope through ambient Piano-based arrangements across all 10 tracks of this album.

Owing to his early introduction to music and a professional training in film-scoring, Ameya Saraf can willfully adapt to all kinds of music thrown his way. From being a metalhead and playing in the short-lived prog rock outfit
Abscinthe in his early days, to composing film scores for Hollywood’s alternative cinema 7 years later, this 28 year old UCLA-graduate has established a solid foothold in the world of music.

Ameya Saraf

Saraf’s musical journey started as a guitarist in Mumbai’s local music scene. However, his real journey yet took off with film scoring with writing additional music for the TV series ‘24’ India Season 2. Soon after he moved to Los Angeles and enrolled in the prestigious film scoring program at UCLA. During his studies Saraf closely collaborated with multiple film makers throughout the film program at UCLA and has had his music played sought after film festivals across the globe.

The film focuses on Mitch’s struggle with sudden chronic pains at the age of 14 and takes one on a journey of multiple misdiagnosis to finally understand the actual disease (Hypermobility EDS – Ehlers Danlos Syndrome).

“The process for composing this score was unlike anything I have worked on before. I spent months exploring textures and trying to sonically exhibit chronic pain and mental instability. A lot of the film deals with dark topics like being hopeless, living with chronic pain, suicide attempts and when I was trying to write the main theme, I went for the idea of conveying hope amongst chaos. It was a hopeful piano melody amidst all chaos, like a light trying to pierce through the darkness. Working on this score has been a rewarding experience and I am excited and nervous about putting this out to the world!”


Listen to Deck Of Cards below

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