Khoya Sa – Sanjeeta Bhattacharya

New Delhi based musician Sanjeeta Bhattacharya just released her pop and r&b inspired track called ‘Khoya Sa‘. It is Sanjeeta’s first Hindi collaboration produced by Aman Sagar who’s also played and sung on it. Check out the gorgeous music video featuring singer-songwriter Tanmaya Bhatnagar alongside Sanjeeta as the protagonists. 

Here is our review of Khoya Sa

The cover art of Sanjeeta and Aman’s Khoya Sa might be a perfect representation of what the song is like. A nod to the walls of Delhi 6, littered (or decorated, if you may) with announcements of upcoming movies – the poster acknowledges the Indian aesthetic, while also hinting at the ‘progressive’ idea of same sex relationships. The consistency of this small idea is admirable as the song also bridges Indian songwriting, with Emily King’esque neo-soul sound.

In Sanjeeta’s own words – ‘Khoya Sa is a story revolving around two women in the 21st century sub-urban India who are confused by their own cultural notions of conventional love. It’s a theatrical representation of an undeniable attraction’.

We agree! Spiced with bittersweet imagery of undeniable attraction that comes through lyrics like “koi sambhale mujhe, bikhar naa jaaun main kahin” or “phir ta hoon apne hi ghar pe main awaaraon ki tarah” would find takers everywhere between Lahore and Lucknow.

The restrained guitar played by Aman Sagar really adds a subtle layer to the track and drums superbly stand strong amidst the various sound textures. The guitar solo has a very John Mayer inspired vibe which is great because it sits comfortably in the pocket of exactly where the music is.

A word on production (by the talented Aman Sagar) – We urge everyone to put on your headphones, lest you miss the most underrated part of the song – a very dirty, funky bass-line that will reveal itself, and subsequently reward a careful listener.

Musicmandir has interviewed Aman Sagar when he debuted his EP titled ‘On My Own’. Read our interview HERE.

PS If this is Sanjeeta’s first Hindi outing, we can’t wait to know what more she’s capable of, and where she’ll go from here.


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