Punk on Toast

Punk On Toast is a 4-piece Punk Rock band formed in the suburbs of Mumbai in 2009. Influenced by Skate Punk, Melodic Hardcore and Alternative Rock sounds, Punk On Toast brings a high-energy sound
that is fuelled by social commentary and personal experiences. An eminent name in India’s Punk Rock Scene, Punk on Toast has one EP, one studio album, and one live album to their credit.

After releasing their 11 track live album, “Grugs Are Dood” in March 2021, Mumbai based Punk Rock band has released their latest single ‘The Nation Wants To Know’.

Titled after the popular prime time television phrase, the song talks about how politicians have exploited the people of the country. The song is inspired by the band’s core influences like Bad Religion, NOFX and Pennywise. This track is the first studio release of the band, which has been produced by guitarist, Kunal Dole. The band recorded the song over 2 weekends and mixed it remotely. 

“It’s been more than a year since the pandemic has changed our lives, and the band has tried to make an honest attempt to release music in these difficult times, with this single, the band is attempting to point out the cloak of lies, both visible and convoluted by calling things just as they are” said frontman Aditya Naik.

According to guitarist and producer Kunal Dole, “Our beloved motherland has seen unimaginable turmoil in the past few months. The powers that are, have deemed certain things, which are profitable to them, to be more important than the welfare of a nation in crisis. The anger was certainly felt in the studio when we recorded the track”

Bass player Prathamesh Sandansing on the lyrics of the song “Our rulers have become completely and utterly morally bankrupt. With every passing day, we get to experience new depths of deviance. So it is only apt to ask how much further can we fall. The song ends with a dystopian pledge to allegiance, which appears to be a distinct possibility in the near future. We have chosen to put these points forth in the same manner in which the ruler’s spokesperson (and lapdog) prefers in order to create a diversion from current affairs. We are fairly certain that the familiarity with the phrase will help us drive our point further.”

Stream ‘The Nation Wants To Know’ HERE

Aditya Naik: Guitars/Vocals/Songwriting
Kalidas Shenoy: Drums/Songwriting
Kunal Dole: Guitars/Vocals/Additional Bass/Songwriting
Prathamesh Sandansing: Bass/Vocals/Songwriting
Yogesh Lokhare: Songwriting
Produced by Kunal Dole
Recorded by Kunal Dole, Aditya Naik, and Prathamesh Sandansing
Mixed and Mastered by Kunal Dole.

Mixing Consultant: Prathamesh Sandansing
Art by Prathamesh Sandansing.

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