Kaki also known as Hema Dangi is an Indian singer-songwriter and Performer from Udaipur (City of Lakes), Rajasthan. She sings in English, Hindi as well as Punjabi & has numerous singles released through 2021 including her recent track Arabian Nights featuring producer Audiotrackerz & Dzia. Her career includes six originals songs and has worked alongside talented artists as Won Theory, Ashour, and Parham Potki.

Musicmandir – Hi Kaki, tell us a little about yourself?

Hey, I am Kaki also known as Hema Dangi, I’m a singer-songwriter and performer for Udaipur, India. I’ve been singing for last 8-9 years. For the past 2 years, I’ve been working with Talentsofworld which is an online artist supporting platform. While working with them I’ve released many original music videos and tracks of mine. I generally work in different genres for every song.

Musicmandir – Can you talk a little bit about Talentsofworld and how it helps you reach your audience? Especially where there are so many platforms like Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Music, Apple Music. 

Talentsofworld is an online artist platform for their support, management as well as promotion. I’ve been working with Talentsofworld Team for more than 2 years now and since then they’ve been handling all my work and has been the biggest reason for what I’ve achieved till now. Talentsofworld has its own broadcasting platform 9xm.tv where all my music videos and audios are released. The thing that makes Talentsofworld different than all the other platforms is that along with the exposure to a large crowd Talentsofworld allows artists to connect and collaborate with other artists which is so important for an individual artist to grow.

Musicmandir – Your music has a mix of influences such as rap, hip-hop, indian classical. How do you collaborate with so many styles?

I’ve been learning Indian classical singing for about 8 years, so I generally like to give my western singing a bit of classical touch. I don’t particularly have a definite genre till now as I’m still experimenting with my voice so I try out different styles of music. I wouldn’t like to be labeled as a particular genre artist thus music isn’t about styles or genre for me it’s just about singing whatever sounds good on me.

Musicmandir – Tell us about your latest single titled ‘Arabian Nights’.

Arabian Nights is a blend of English and Hindi vocals, the song is about living your life to the fullest and loving freely, loving everyone and everything, imagining living in an Arabian Night’s story. The amazing music is given by Music Producer Audiotrackerz and DZIA, the song also features Ssameer who’s also a singer/composer from India.

Listen to Arabian Nights –

Musicmandir – Could you tell us your favourite Indian Independent artists you listen to?

There are many talented Indian Indie artists to choose from but I mostly like to listen to Brodha V. He’s very different from any other Indian artist and his songwriting is on another level.

Musicmandir – Any upcoming projects?

Yes, I’ve been working on quite a few projects right now which include both Hindi and English projects. Right now there isn’t much to say about them except that it would be different from what I’ve given till now as I’ve learned many great things from all the people I’ve worked with.

Musicmandir – Covid and lockdown scenarios in many cities have affected artists all across India. How have you been handling the pandemic personally as well as in your artistic projects?

To be honest, at first it didn’t affect much in my work schedule as most of my work is done in home, for other things as my studio recordings and video production me and my team has been handling pretty well till now. And as for all the other artists out there it sure has affected every person but if we see this in a positive way, since all the people have been at home they have much more time to explore the internet as well as new artists. So it was a good opportunity for online artists to promote their work and build new audience.