Karthick Iyer

All in all this album is brilliant and an absolute treasure!

Mr Karthick Iyer is a shining diamond because of the brightness and satisfaction his music brings. From someone who has never heard or liked any form of traditional or Carnatic music I was blown away at how ‘cool’ and simple Mr Iyer makes it look.

Karthick Iyer

Karthick Iyer plays the violin and also sings, Vikram Vivekanand is on guitar, Naveen Napier on bass, Sumesh Narayan on mridangam/percussion and Ramkumar Kanakarajan on drums. Together this band puts on a class act. The album ‘Karthick Iyer live!’ is beautiful right from the start. With the fast paced ‘boundless’ you are pushed immediately in gear, amidst Carnatic melodies and heavy guitars!. When was the last time you heard something like that?! 🙂

The album then leads to a calm happy track called ‘A clowns junket’. The varied styles incorporated in this album are remarkable. They produce the perfect balance between the complexity of their songs and it’s simplicity for the audience. The third track is again fast paced and called ‘Mid-Air’ which has your complete attention from start to end.

The fourth called ‘At the theatres’ is lovely track with it’s distinct violin lead and is the first track with vocals. It’s medium paced and combines english and Tamil lyrics.
Next up is ‘A saranga convergence’ which is a joy to listen to because of it’s slow beginning and transcendence to a faster tempo, not to forget the awesome guitar solo which is spectacular.

The last track called ‘Rejoicing In Raghuvamsa’ is a masterpiece because it takes any form to transpose itself to accurately fit any mood you are in.

Thanks Karthick for the music and wish you all the success for the future!

Cheers 🙂

Here’s a live performance of ‘A Clown’s Junket’