Tajdar Junaid

Been a few days listening to Tajdar Junaid and it's been magical.

Tajdar Junaid is a gift that keeps giving, just like his music which is full of emotions and textures. It assures you everything in life will be alright, no matter how rough the week has been. A very rare trait you find in music these days.

Tajdar is a multi-instrumentalist and has provided soundtracks for many films such as his track called 'Dastaan' which plays in the film 'The President' by legendary Iranian filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf. He also composed the intricate and melodious soundtrack for Amazon's ad showcasing the 'Kindle' product which captured every viewers imagination. Tajdar is the Music Director for the critically acclaimed movie "Muktibhawan" which has swept numerous awards nationally and internationally. Find out more on the official website - http://www.hotelsalvationthefilm.com/index.html

In his debut album ‘What Colour Is Your Raindrop', he has collaborated with artists all over the globe. He has used instruments such as charango, mandolin, ukulele, oud, duduk, sarangi, sarod, glockenspiel, esraj, oboe, harmonium, piano, guitar, bass and drums. Phew! 🙂

Tajdar's music is real and stands high on its own feet. Without make-up and with like every beat of your heart, his music effortlessly connects with you. One of my favourite track is ‘Yadon Ki Pari’ penned by Tajdar's father, Junaid Ahmad. The combination of Urdu poetry with a distorted guitar fuzz tone induceses a sound that transcends traditional songwriting and music composition pushing the boundaries of simplicity and poetry.

Check out the beautifully shot video for 'Yadon ki Pari'

Like I mentioned before about the gift that keeps on giving Mr Junaid is also part of a folk band called 'Ruhaniyat'. Ruhaniyat consists of Satyaki Banerjee, a noted composer who sings and plays the oud and dotara, Tajdar Junaid on guitar, charango and Rabi Mondal on vocals, percussion, khamak and dotara. Here is something to please your inquisitive ear about what 'Ruhaniyat' sounds like. Yes, you are welcome 🙂 

Thanks Tajdar for the music 🙂

Find more information about Tajdar on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Also his official website is http://www.tajdarjunaid.com

‘What Colour Is Your Raindrop' is available on the following platforms - iTunes, OKListen!, Amazon and CDBaby


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