‘Musicmandiris thrilled to talk to ‘Wayside’, a three-piece rock and roll band from Chennai consisting of Elvis Xaviour on guitar and vocals, Pranav K R on drums and Shiv Rekhi on Bass. The band won the 2017 Band Hunt Powered by Red Bull Tour Bus. ‘Wayside’ competed with seven finalists who were selected from across the country and given the opportunity to record a song at a studio in their city. The winners of the competition were selected by a combination of public and jury votes.
Musicmandir - Hi guys, tell us a little about how Wayside came together?
Wayside - So Pranav and Shiv played for a groove metal band called Spine Shatter. And they wanted to start a rock band for a while. I (Elvis) was doing my own thing that is writing songs and playing small shows in college for about a year. I heard about Shiv through a mutual friend. And I heard that he was really busy with his band. So one day he reached out and we started jamming. I have to say I was intimidated by how awesome both of them are. To be as good on the vocals and on the guitar is something I'm still working on. We started writing songs and sort of kept scheduling jams.
Musicmandir - How was the experience of recording your first single? Tell us a little bit about the songwriting process.
Wayside - The single set a standard for our music to be honest. Shiv writes a lot of badass bass lines. So I try to riff over that and then Pranav somehow works his magic into it. Then I go home with all these ideas and I start writing lyrics for them. Sometimes I write the entire and song and bring it to the jams. But we write the structure of it together. The link to the single is at the end of the interview.
Musicmandir - How did the Red Bull contest happen and how does it feel to win it?
Wayside - It gave us a lot of recognition and credibility as a band. And it feels amazing to know we have a lot of support from people who love what we do.
Musicmandir - If we were to intrude on your music playlist what would we find?
Wayside - Three of us listen to a lot of different music. You would find Steven Wilson, Clive Carroll, Eric Johnson, John Mayer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Porcupine Tree, Rage Against The Machine.
Musicmandir - If you could choose only one Books, Movies or TV Shows? (Must answer as a band)
Wayside - As a band, I would say TV.
Musicmandir - What lies ahead in the future for the band?
Wayside - So we want to play as much as we can. We have so much more to write. And so many places to go and play them. I want to play in a few new cities soon.
You can listen to their debut single called 'Anastasia' here

We wish Wayside all the very best for the future. 

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