Parvaaz [Live in Mumbai]

Parvaaz played AntiSocial, Mumbai on the 11th of October, 2017. 

The band is a seasoned and well-oiled machine that ripped through 2 hours of pure musical perfection. Parvaaz consists of Khalid Ahamed (vocals), Mir Kashif Iqbal (guitars), Sachin Banandur (drums) and Fidel D'Souza (bass) and recently completed their month-long tour of Canada.

The group has a truly unique soundscape not to forget the band mostly sings in Kashmiri and Urdu which all together provides the ultimate Parvaaz experience. 

The gig started at 10;30 PM and right from the start the audience was hooked. Khalid's strong vocal range was commendable from the very first note to the last. Mir Kashif Iqbal on guitars really pulled out his favourite colours to paint a canvas of emotions which was melodic and majestic. But what cannot be ignored is the combination of Fidel D'Souza and Sachin Banandur on bass and drums which really is the secret sauce for Parvaaz. 

The band played through songs such as 'Itne Arsey Ke Baad', 'Dil Khush', 'Gul Gulshan', 'Ab Ki Yeh Subah', 'Roz Roz', 'Baran', 'Colour White' and a few new songs.

Parvaaz is one of the rare bands that does not shy away from playing 12-16 minute songs, taking their time and building beautiful layers which captivates the audience completely.

The group ended strong with another fan favourite and left the crowd in Mumbai cheering for more. It was a surreal experience watching 4 guys transcend language, age, sex and caste to create a unified experience all for the love of music.

All is not lost!

Watch a summary of Parvaaz [Live at AntiSocial, Mumbai] below

Please support the band through the remainder of the 'Homecoming Tour' and also purchase the music from platforms such as OKListen and Apple Music.


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