Aditi Ramesh – Marriageable Age

We are super excited to talk to Aditi Ramesh a singer-songwriter based in Bombay about her latest single called 'Marriageable Age'.  Aditi worked in a large law firm for almost 3 years before quitting and pursuing music full-time. She still has a day job as a legal recruiter and consultant as that helps her support the music and also pay the rent. Apart from work and music, she loves food and has a food blog called ‘Shenanigans of a Vegetarian Lawyer’. Her musical style incorporates blues, jazz and Carnatic music creating a funky and exotic concoction. She’s also done a food pop up showcasing traditional Tamilian and Udupi style home cooking at the Lil Flea and briefly took orders for custom made chutney, Phew
Listen to the track here 
Musicmandir - Hi, tell us the inspiration behind this song.
Aditi Ramesh - The inspiration behind the song is this issue in most Indian (especially South Indian) households that once a woman crosses the age of 25 she becomes 'of marriageable age,' after which it doesn't matter what or how well she's doing in life, the marriage certificate becomes her validation to live.  She can get married, become someone else's responsibility and then live her life as she wishes to.
Musicmandir - What brought you into the world of jazz and blues
Aditi Ramesh - I loved classic rock from a young age, ever since my dad gave me an old cassette which he'd taped from the radio. In law school, this progressed to the blues because a few of my seniors who played music were playing and listening to the blues. When I worked in a law firm in Bombay from 2014 onwards, I truly experienced the blues. It added a dimension to my music and my blues became, unlike the blues I used to sing in college. Very recently my love for the Blues developed into a deep connection with Jazz. Once you discover Jazz you realise that all music, and in fact everything in life can be said to be Jazz. There is no limit to the stylistic possibility and the type of sound and feel one has with Jazz. I also love soul, r&b, folk, Indian classical and funk music.
Musicmandir - We noticed a collaboration with 'Vyuti' dance company. Can you tell us a little about that?
Aditi Ramesh - This was an interesting project, I happened to meet Aranyani, artist director of 'Vyuti' dance company in Delhi when I was there for a gig and she told me of her new piece 'Sakhi' which explores the relationship between the heroine and her best friend through century-old traditional scenes of Bharatanatyam, which has historically focused on the heroine and hero, with not much focus on the best friend. She wanted a new vocalist to work on the music for the piece so I got to write and record vocals and create the musical backdrop for this piece along with Siddharth Bhardwaj on flute and Manohar Balatchandirane on Mridangam. It was a difficult process as I'm rusty with my Carnatic vocals, having been heavily involved with the art form as a child. It was a great experience and thorough revision for me.
Musicmandir - Grooviest Indian artist that you would like to collaborate with?
Aditi Ramesh - Prasanna

Psst if you are not aware of 'Prasanna' we have got you covered right here

Musicmandir - Is an album or EP in the works?
Aditi Ramesh - I've released the first 3 songs off my debut EP 'Autocorrect' as singles. Once the fourth single is ready, all 4 songs will be available as an EP for streaming and sale on most platforms.
Musicmandir - Bollywood or Heavy Metal?
Aditi Ramesh - Old Bollywood and not so heavy Metal
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 We wish Aditi all the best for the future.
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