Electric Ganesha Land – Prasanna

Prasanna who is lovingly called as 'Guitar Prasanna' takes you on a wild trip, unlike any other on this album. 'Electric Ganesha Land' is an album that clearly shows why he is considered by many to be one of the world's most extraordinary and explosive guitarists. The album name itself has a tinge of Jimi Hendrix but it sounds nothing like it, It perhaps gives you a glimpse into what Jimi would sound like if he was born in India!. Prasanna pays tribute to Hendrix in one of the most innovative and genuine ways, and that is by combining traditional south Indian classical Carnatic percussion instruments like mridangam, ghatam, thavil, kanjira, morsing and konnakol.

The album throws you amidst Zeppelin-ish rock and roll, Hendrix blues, Deep Purple psychedelia and Jazz licks too quick to notice, all while harmoniously flirting with his distinctive use of traditional microtonal Carnatic music vocabulary. Clothing more than 27 traditional South Indian ragas in an arena rock sound, Prasanna creates compositions that are whacky and profoundly spiritual at the same time.


“I sometimes struggle to get my head around the fact that Prasanna and I actually play the same musical instrument. He somehow manages to make an electric guitar do things which are clearly not possible”


For Prasanna, there is no musical style that is not worth pursuing. Every genre has something to teach and its own value. Prasanna’s pursuit of the universal, eternal beauty of music has made him an increasingly respected master of the guitar with fans, critics and peers alike. AR Rahman has called him ‘a living hope for quality music.’

He also points out Mr Illayaraja being his first big musical influence. His music was everywhere and he used lots of guitars. It was sophisticated stuff, I learned so much about Carnatic music, chord changes, counter point and harmony through his music.

Here's a clip of Prasanna playing a classic called 'Peaceful'

Here is the tracklist for the album 'Electric Ganesha Land'.

1. Eruption In Bangalore
2. Snakebanger's Ball
3. 4th Stone From The Sun
4. Dark Sundae In Triplicate
5. Indra's Necklace
6. 9th Stone From The Sun
7. Iguana On A Funky Trail
8. 8th Avenue And East Mada Street
9. Pot Belly Blues
10. Sri Jimi
11. Bowling For Peace

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Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy and cherish Prasanna's music too.