India's answer to a power packed 'Trio' band is here..

'Skrat’ is a no nonsense hard rock band from Chennai. I recently picked up the new album titled ‘The Queen’ and I’ve been super stoked listening to it. The group has Satish Narayanan on bass, Tapass Naresh on drums and Sriram on guitar and vocals. They released their first album Design in 2010, followed by Bring Out The Big Guns in 2013.


The album is straight up garage rock and blues like ‘The White Stripes’ and ‘The Black Keys’. 'Skrat' is also inspired by homegrown Indian bands such as ‘Thermal and a Quarter’, ‘Nerverek’, ‘Touchwood’, ‘Junkyard Groove’, ‘The Shakey Rays’, ‘Tails on Fire’, ‘Adam and the Fish eyed Poets’ and ‘Franks got the Funk’.
The band tours and plays gigs all over the country. Be sure to follow them on social media for live videos and tour updates. You can find them Facebook and Soundcloud.
Here is the music video for the title track to Skrat’s third studio album ‘ The Queen’.
Don’t forget to buy the album if you like what you hear. The album is for sale here.
I look forward to a lot more from these guys. A big gorilla hug to the band from ‘Musicmandir‘.