Unknown Artist – Awara Sa

It was a pleasure speaking to 'Unknown Artist' from the beautiful state of 'Uttarakhand'. The band gave us a sneak peak into the kind of music they play, their influences, highs-lows and future. Don't miss out the single 'Awara Sa' linked in the bottom of the interview. 

Musicmandir - Hey, can you Introduce the band for us?

Sure, we are an Independent multi-genre Hindi rock band from Uttarakhand called ‘Unknown Artist’. The band consists of Shubham Pathak on acoustic guitar, Pulkit on drums and Mayank Poona on lead guitar.

Musicmandir - How did you get to the name ‘Unknown Artist’?

The name Unknown Artist is an interesting story because it has always put up a question asking what and why? According to Pulkit Thakur, while growing up and even today we always find a playlist having the artist named as ‘Unknown Artist’, we hope one day people will fill their playlists with our music and the name will be synonymous with our identity.

Musicmandir - Was singing in Hindi a natural progression or did you experiment with English as well?

So far, we have sung and released our composition in Hindi. But yes, we have been experimenting with various genres and hope to evolve into original compositions that connect with audiences across the country.

Musicmandir - How has the journey been so far?

Our musical journey has been fantastic and we have learned many so much during this journey some good and some bad but that’s what a journey is all about. Sometimes working as a band is very difficult. Music in our town is not considered as a serious and meaningful career and we are determined to change that for everyone around us.

India is full of talent with a lot of kick-ass bands everywhere. But as an independent artist/band, you have to figure out everything on your own. We write our own music, we produce our own music, there’s no one putting money behind us. Because all the money that we go and make in our shows, we put into our music.

Musicmandir - What does the future hold?

We believe in hard work and are looking forward to a long and beautiful music career. The band had to go through a lot of difficulties financially and we feel like we have wasted a lot of time trying.

But by the grace of God, we have managed to make the best of what we have and soon we will be releasing our debut album that we all are very excited about and cannot wait to share it with everyone.

Musicmandir - Do you have any favourite artists from India? Anyone you would like to collaborate with?

Yes, we are big fans of legends A.R. Rahman, Amit Trivedi, Papon and Vishal Dadlani. As India has churned out some great talent over the years we would love to someday collaborate with them. They all have distinct identities and have created their own sound. We love that about them.

Musicmandir - You mentioned that you have had some good and bad moments. Could you share some bad moments? What were they and how did you overcome them?

Well, One incident during our early days was when we had to perform at IIRS ( Dehradun ) but we were not well equipped with our bass and acoustic guitars. in fact, we were into pretty embarrassed to not having the right equipment for a live performance. It was that instant when we realised the significance of professional instruments in a live or studio environment after which it is always our top priority. I still remember we bought our first processor with the revenue that we collected from our shows.

Listen to their latest single called 'Awara Sa' 


We wish the band all the best in the future.

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