Ryan Sadri

It was a pleasure speaking to Mr Ryan Sadri one of the torchbearers of the jazz scene in Mumbai. Ryan is also part of the groovy band called 'Something Relevant' formed while he was in college but went on to perform at prestigious festivals like The Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the Java Jazz Festival. 

His new group called 'Rynosax' played 'All That Jazz' at The Little Door on 10th October along with Anurag Naidu, Andrew Kanga, Nathan Thomas & were joined by guest, 'Chazz' aka Chaitanya Bhalla the guitarist for Delhi based band Ska Vengers.


Musicmandir - Tell us about how you formed Rynosax and a little about its members?

Ryan Sadri - I've been playing music for almost 15 years now. First with my band Something Relevant for a very long time. And post that I started experimenting with different music & musicians which is how 'Rynosax' was formed. We are a group of like-minded folks who love pushing our boundaries and grooving hard. Anurag is an amazing jazz pianist so he brings the whole 'arranging' and 'jazz' side of music to the table. Nathan/Abhinav are two talented bass players I work with. Nathan is amazing on electric bass while Abhinav is a master on the upright bass. Andrew Kanga is a phenomenon on the drum kit. He's got this natural flow which gels everything together. I feel very privileged to play with this band. 


Musicmandir - What is the best part about playing the Saxophone?

Ryan SadriThe fact that you're the one creating the sound with your breath. That connection is spiritual almost. 


Musicmandir - Where you always surrounded by music while growing up?

Ryan SadriAbsolutely. 


Musicmandir - If you could introduce a stranger/friend to jazz music, which 5 tracks would you suggest listening to?

Ryan SadriWatermelon Man - Herbie Hancock, 

So What - Miles Davis

Girl From Ipanema - Stan Getz

Take the A Train - Duke Ellington

Brazil - Django Reinhardt


Thinking back, these are some of the first tunes I learnt. 


Musicmandir - Who are your current favourite Indian artists?

Ryan SadriBoombay Djembe Folas, Merkaba, Thermal and a Quarter


Musicmandir - Football or Cricket?

Ryan SadriFootball 


Musicmandir - What's your favourite pastime other than playing or listening to music?

Ryan Sadri - I love the outdoors and enjoy kayaking and trekking. I play a lot of tennis. And I'm an avid scuba diver. 


Here's a video of Ryan Sadri + Rynosax playing at The Little Door.



Ryan Sadri will be playing The Finch in Andheri on November 3, 2017. 


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