He is one of India’s most loved guitarist..

For all musician there is one of ‘THOSE’ idols who you imitate, listen to and dream about. For me it was Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Bob Dylan but sometimes in life, if you are lucky you get to watch someone who give you the chills and you stand there and wonder if you have the guts to follow your dream. For me that moment was when I saw Mr Warren Mendonsa performing live with his black strat and a fusion of blues I had never heard before.


For once, I understood what people mean when they say it’s not the number of notes you can play, but how much you can express with a few notes. Mr Warren’s group ‘Blackstratblues’ has no singer! (Yes no singer, it is only instrumentals. Trust me you will not need any vocals once the song starts). He is known for his incendiary guitar tones and the quality of live performances.

Warren has grown from entering the music scene with his band ‘Zero’ one of Mumbai’s most loved bands, and more recently his solo project called ‘Blackstratblues. He is also very gifted and versatile and producer/engineer today. He easily captivates a growing, dedicated and loyal fan base all around the country with his 3 self released three albums.

A strange connection I have with the music of Blackstratblues is that a few years ago, while I was listening to his album I had this stong desire to buy the CD!. Yes, paying for music sounds so ridiculous doesn’t it?!. Why would anyone pay when you can listen to it for FREE? Blah Blah Blah..!. Well, you pay for it cause it means something to you, you appreciate the effort, the creative integrity, the time and the effort that has gone into something that makes you happy. And yes I would pay for something that puts a smile on my face :). Warren describes his genre of music as ‘Good Honest Music’ which according to me definitely hits the sweet spot.

So that’s it folks, I hope you listen to ‘Blackstratblues’ and enjoy it as much as I did.

Listen to ‘Little Rascal’ from his third studio album called ‘The Universe has a Strange Sense of Humour’ which was released in 2015 and featured Jai Row Kavi and Karsh Kale on Drums, Adi Mistry on Bass and Nikhil D’Souza on guest vocals.