Prateek Kuhad

Easy listening with Mr Kuhad.

So I’ve started on this little journey where I will purchase an album every month from an Indian Independent Artist and my first purchase has been Prateek Kuhad’s EP calledPrateek Kuhad
‘Raat Raazi’. This EP comprises of 5 tracks and each one of them has a captivating story to tell. The best thing about Prateek is his minimalistic yet full sounding sound which is awesome to hear especially because it’s so damn rare these days.

His talents are not only his guitar playing chops but his songwriting too which are dreamy, soulful and intelligent.

He recently played the ‘Emerge Festival’ which was headlined by ALT-J and also plays some cool hidden secret backyard gigs for small groups of people once in a while like Matt Corby does. Hopefully, someone gets me into one of these soon đŸ™‚

He also has another album out called ‘In Tokens & Charms’. Find more information here –

I wish more people discover and share Kuhad’s music simply because it is great and great music eventually finds it’s way to the people’s hearts. I hope he continues to make his music and gets all the fame, love and recognition he deserves.

Here’s a track from the EP –