Midnight Tunes

Meet music producer Sankalp Sharma aka Plankas who released his EP titled ‘Midnight Tunes’ on 9 September 2022. Sankalp is a hip-hop and electronic producer from Rajasthan currently living in Delhi captivated by the endless possibilities offered by modern music technology. What initially started as a project to explore and understand electronic music has led to drawing inspiration from various sub genres such as glitch, disco, funk and hip hop.

Midnight Tunes is a 5 track Electronic instrumental EP produced, mixed, and mastered by Plankas. The project kicks off with Second Hand, which captures the uneasiness and disorientation with its eerie textures, syncopated drums, and glitchy synths. As it uses layers of unconventional vocal chops and modulated percussion to capture the warped perspective of time on a sleepless night. Dumpster Diver, juxtaposes ecstacy and anxiety with a funky groove and melancholic keys as an attempt to seize the volatility in emotions felt at the height of the pandemic.

Touch Me Not paints the percussive ideas of Hip Hop with the strokes of underground glitch and bass music. The track attempts to reflect upon the feeling of discomfort through its skittering beats and syncopated stabs held together by a saturated bassline.

Prickly Thing, a track exploring rhythms, represents the beginning of change and acceptance in this journey, brought upon by observing death all around and the realization of the alternative to being locked in. The saturated drums and groovy keys create a contrast similar to that of fear and comfort.

The title track, Midnight Tunes, concludes the listener’s journey through this reminiscent project with an uplifting dance/disco groove paired with eerie textures, gliding synths, and a vocal sample that triggers nostalgia. The funky bassline and keys add another layer of merriment to end the project on a positive note similar to the joy felt everywhere at the end of the dreadful pandemic.

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