Salman Elahi

A fun chat with singer songwriter Salman Elahi who recently released his debut EP titled 'Shaan'. The EP is a laid back bunch of songs that makes you sit back and be grateful for the little things in life. We hope you enjoy this interview 🙂

Musicmandir - Tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Salman Elahi and I'm a Mumbai based Singer-Songwriter who sings and writes in Urdu/Hindi. I have  performed across the country at several venues. Its been 3 years since I've been performing my music. I started from Delhi and last year moved to Mumbai. I recently released my debut EP 'Shaan ' which is available on all major streaming platforms.



Musicmandir - What is the inspiration behind the EP Shaan?
The biggest inspiration for the album is my father 'Shaan Elahi'. I lost him in 2017 and this is a small tribute to him from my side. The album is inspired by all the things i have experienced in last 3 years. Stuff like travelling, finding peace, self realisation, happiness, sadness & positivity.
Musicmandir - Can you tell us about your process of songwriting?
For me there is no process for songwriting. It is full of surprises and you never know when the right things are going to hit you!. It comes out from your personal experience and the people you are surrounded with.
Musicmandir - 5 favourite Indian artists you love listening to?
Here are my top 5.
1. Harpreet (HarpreetMusic)
2 - Sameer Rahat
3 - Mohammad Muneem (Alif)
4 - Parvaaz
5 - When Chai Met Toast


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Musicmandir - Can you tell us a about who you worked with for the album? Where was it recorded and mastered?
Yes, so two of my songs (Pahadon Mein & Humam) was recorded in Delhi at Dream Art Records Studio. My friend  Shubhraj Purkayastha  who owns the studio, also mixed and mastered both of my songs.  He has also given backing vocal in a song. Apart from Shubhraj one of my friend Sahil Khan has played all strings parts like Electric & Acoustic Guitar and Ukulele in both songs. The third song (Kabira) was recorded in Mumbai at Harpreet Music Studio. Harpreet Bhai himself has played all the guitar parts in the songs and also mixed / mastered the song. 
Musicmandir - How has the COVID-19 lockdown been treating you so far?
Lockdown is treating me very well actually! The first one or two weeks was hard but then things have started getting easy. I am trying to utilise this time in writing new songs, reading books, and now Ramadan has arrived! So all going good. 
Musicmandir - Any plans for 2020?
Haha, as per the current situation, I don't think any of my plans will work in 2020! In my 2020 plans I hope to release one or two singles but let's see how that works out.

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