The Library

The Library is a two piece punk rock band consisting of two extremely versatile musicians Vishal J Singh and Siddharth Basrur. Siddharth brings in a 90s alternative rock, grunge and punk aesthetic as a songwriter and guitarist, while Vishal comes from a multi-genre music background with progressive rock and avant garde as core influences. Former roommates and best friends, the two came up with ‘The Library’ while listening to punk and prog records and recording music in Siddharth’s apartment.

About Vishal J. Singh

Vishal J.Singh is a renowned multi-instrumentalist, film music composer and producer, known worldwide for his multi-genre band “Amogh Symphony”. He has worked as a music director and composer for many Bollywood films, capped by his work on Anurag Kashyap’s legendary Gangs of Wasseypur series where his contributions included hit tracks like “Womaniya”, “Keh ke lunga feat. Amit Trivedi” and “Bahut khub”.  Vishal has also composed experimental music for a number of European art-films and featured in several tracks by international artists like Mark Hawkins(USA), LVM Trio(USA) with Luke Jaeger, Mad Essence(Ukraine), and more. His remarkable guitar solo which he performed as guest guitarist with Marty Friedman in the song “Celestial” by famous Djent act “Skyharbor” has earned him wide acclaim by the fans of modern progressive metal.

About Siddharth Basrur

Siddharth Basrur is an Indian vocalist, composer and a playback singer. He entered the indie music scene with his first band, Kinky Ski Munky. The frontman of Mumbai’s Punk band RUNT and Punk/Alternative band THE LIBRARY, Basrur has contributed to many Bollywood movies like Haunted 3D, Players, David, and URI.

About ‘Quiet, Please by The Library

The Library’s debut album ‘Quiet, Please’ mixes punk rock with elements of Prog, combining two styles of music generally considered incompatible. Punk consists of simple melodic riffs and literal lyrics, brimming with power and aggression. Prog embraces complexity through intricate guitar solos and odd time signatures. The two sentiments are quite opposite and usually at odds with each other. ‘Quiet, Please’ is a statement from the two-piece act, proving that Prog’s controlled complexity can actually complement the rebellious and hard-hitting Punk attitude.

Contrasting elements in ‘Quiet, Please’ represent the twists and turns of life revolving between order and chaos.  The album is a fluid soundtrack for everyday life, and the absence of lyrics leaves the songs open to the listener’s interpretation. Simple melodies and Punk riffs blend seamlessly with the odd time signatures and Prog style beat shifts. 

Stream the album HERE.

“I see it this way – there are always ups and downs in everybody’s life and one simply cannot ignore it. We kept the songs instrumental (considering the fact that we both can sing and play) with a vision that everybody’s graph of life isn’t the same. One man’s cake is poison for the other. Similarly, the instrumental nature of our songs is not limited to just one story. In fact, in many stories, The Punk element symbolizes the don’t-care-what-others-think in life attitude while the Prog element symbolizes the let-me-think-and-find-a-solution temperament in life. Combined, they symbolize “Freedom” and “Being Forever Young and Alive.”

says Vishal J Singh about the album.

No Binary Records

Quiet, Please is being released by No Binary Records, an independent record label founded in 2020 by Kaushik J. Barua and Vikram Singh Kushwaha. Having started out with programming events Kaushik and Vikram worked to create a community of independent musicians and supporters from the ground up.

Their passion for music drove them to start their own record label to put out cutting edge music that will break barriers and stereotypes of genre, categories and ideas to define the sounds of the future. No Binary is a label that believes in non-conformity in genres, inclusivity in art and creating a positive impact through its actions.

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