The Sacred Geometry

The Sacred Geometry has just released ‘Roots’, a 2 part EP and their first International collaboration with Sri Lankan artist ‘Dhroga’. The track is a mix of RnB, Folktronica, Nu-Jazz and Hip-Hop which makes it one of the most exciting fusion mixes to come out this year.

‘Dhroga’ is a Colombo-based Sri Lankan music producer and singer/songwriter. His promising experimental contemporary western and digital sounds, combined electronic music genres with the elements of south Asian and south Indian music are futuristic in their own unique way.

Listen to ‘Roots’ below

About the track

Roots is the first collaboration track with Sri Lankan artist ‘Dhroga’. The track was made in two different versions, one a little harder than the other.

The light version has all the influences of The Sacred Geometry‚Äôs soft palette of sounds with lush background vocals, granulised vocal chops, soft piano melodies, shimmering arps. The drum beats were made to be laid- back and chill and give a very tropical sundowner vibe to the entire track. The breakdown has a distinct santoor melody which acts like a soft embrace to the Hindustani classical vocals which garnishes the track. 

The second version was an experimental take of what our future sounds would be. The idea was to make the soft track sound as gritty and raw as possible, distorting the waveforms in weird ways to give the industrial sounding vibe to it. The beats are harder and the drops are ambient arps with background vocal hums to ground the texture. We tried a slightly different vocal processing for this so that it sounds like a megaphone chorus rather than the typical clean rap vocal.

About The Sacred Geometry

The Sacred Geometry is a collaborative project of two architects / indie electronic artists / producers ” The Psy Owl ” and ” PRNV “. Coming from different styles and school of thoughts, this project is an amalgamation of granulated lofi sounds, sampling and signature elements and sounds inspired from old school hip hop. PRNV (a.k.a. Pranav Jadhav) adds ambient downtempo type flow, synthesised soundscapes and lush layered vocals are added by The Psy Owl (a.k.a. Siddhartha Ghosh).

The project came into being during their years together in college and took a proper shape from India Film Projects’ 50 hour music challenge wherein they participated as a team in 2021. Coming from an architectural background, the duo draws their inspiration from the golden ratio, biomimicry, parametric design among other concepts. The aim of the project is to invoke all the senses of the listener and to capture the fleeting essence of a space without boundaries; and the listener, perceiving everything from the centre of it all.

They draw parallels from architecture to design their soundscapes; and the arrangement and composition relies on the use of number theories to get a more interesting outcome. We as an electronic duo are mainly into IDM, Future house, Melodic house, Folktronica, Melodic Techno etc. and are slowly getting into sampling Hindustani classical music and Ragas as the backbone for our tracks and amalgamating it with electronic elements. We have been featured in the Electronic in India playlist among a few others by Spotify. 

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