Misbah returns with ‘Dukh’ this Saturday the 11th of March 2023. ‘Dukh’ is the first single to be released from Misbah’s EP called “Dur Aik Sitaray Pay”.

Misbah is a songwriter, singer, producer, musician and an audio engineer hailing from Lahore, Pakistan. His sound is emblematic of a dreamscape and contains words reflecting feelings of loss and nostalgia. He started making music at the age of 15 and started playing heavy metal. He was one of the founding members of the Pakistani heavy metal band Takatak and then formed the funk rock band Keeray Makoray with Altamash Sever before he started music he describes as Dream Pop under his own name.

Misbah’s previous single called ‘Sitaray’ is musically & stylistically an ode to the Nazia Hassan and Vital Signs era which can be seen in the music video linked below. This song was composed in 2021 when Misbah was setting up a cottage for himself in the mountainous Hunza valley which he later ran as a guest house and a space for artists to create and collaborate. Lyrically the song explores the feeling of loss and the wave of depression that can sometimes come¬†with it.

Listen to Misbah’s debut EP ‘Woh Hai Kahaan‘, which is an exploration of himself as a musician and person, an adventure which began when he released his first single, ‘Baadal’ a synth wave song which received a lot of love. It drove him further to write more songs, a process which was slowed down while stumbling upon struggles with anxiety but resulted in the creation of this EP.

Listen to ‘Dukh’

Written, played, performed and produced my Misbah

Mixed by Misbah, Mastered by Waleed Ahmed, Back up singers Fatima Khan, Sameen Qasim and Natasha Noorani

The first single from the EP will be available to purchase on bandcamp and on all major streaming services on 11.03.2023.

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