Shally Rehal

Shally Rehal is an Indian Canadian singer songwriter blending different sounds from Punjabi Hip Hop and R&B based in Surrey BC. Versatile in his musical tastes, his inspirations include Drake, J Cole and Chamkila. Shally started making music at 17 and refined his sound until releasing his first single “Top Gear” in April of 2020. Shortly after he met ‘KULTARGOTBOUNCE‘ who has been producing and curating his sound which came together on their first release “Nakhra”.

Shally Rehal has made it clear that his smooth vocals and talented songwriting have made him a force in the Punjabi music scene that is here to stay. Following up on the early success of “MIDNIGHT EP”, “STEP”, his next collaboration with ‘KULTARGOTBOUNCE’ is due out this February via Snakes and Ladders.

‘KULTARGOTBOUNCE’ is a producer and mixing engineer hailing from Surrey, BC, Canada. Creating a buzz as one of the rising tastemakers to work with, he has collaborated with Juno nominees Powfu and Manila Grey, as well as award-winning poet Rupi Kaur. ‘KULTARGOTBOUNCE’ has been a name in the production and sound engineering field for a decade now. In just 2 years he’s accumulated over 14 Million streams across his production and mixing work.


With releases under his belt that have come out via Columbia Records, R&R Digital/Warner, and a flurry of independent labels, he continues to develop a deep and diverse catalogue of Hip-Hop, Pop, Indie Pop/Rock, R&B, Punjabi Hip Hop music, and scoring. Coming off the recent success of the Punjabi R&B EP “MIDNIGHT” with Shally Rehal, they joined forces again on “STEP” coming out on Snakes & Ladders this February.

Listen to STEP below

Musicmandir asked Shally Rehal & KULTARGOTBOUCE some questions about their latest release called ‘STEP’.

1. What is STEP about?

SR (Shally Rehal): In a few words, this song is about asking someone to come and dance with you while praising their beauty.
KGB (KULTARGOTBOUNCE): “STEP” is about coming together in song & dance. The world just went through a rough moment with covid making us distant from one another. We wanted to create a song that gave an inviting feeling of harmony. “STEP” makes you want to drop everything and just dance.

2. How did you two meet and how did this collaboration happen? 

SR: It started after I listened to KGB’s work so I reached out to him to mix and master a song. We’ve been working together on everything ever since. This song is one of many gems that we have created since then.
KGB: Shally hit me up on Instagram back in April 2021. He had a record he needed to get mixed and wanted me to handle that for him. I was originally supposed to just mix & master the song but the vocals he had recorded needed some work still. We ended up re-recording that record and when I heard his vocals in person, I instantly knew I had to produce my own records for him. In the coming months we worked on several records together but it wasn’t until October 2021 that we produced and recorded “STEP”. This record made us both step out from our usual box (pun intended) and discover new ranges in vocals & production.

3. How does this song differ from the other songs you both have worked on together?

SR: This song exists in its own realm and we knew it the day we first recorded it. We have released music with smooth R&B and soul vibes like our recent release MIDNIGHT and now we break into a new pocket on “STEP”. The song crosses boundaries, catches peoples attention and makes them want to dance.
KGB: “STEP” has fun & energetic sonics that are very different from our previous release “MIDNIGHT EP” which was a collection of dark & moody R&B tracks with classic Hindi samples on some of the outros. With “STEP” we knew we wanted to show our fans a contrast in the sound and visuals. We actually had “STEP” recorded well before any of our other records but we both agreed we’d release it when it felt right.

4. What is the concept behind the video and how was the video shoot?
SR: The concept was KGB’s idea that came shortly after recording the song. It transitions through three different and distinct eras. The video is funny, cool and it puts a smile on your face when you watch it and I really feel like it captured the energy of the song.
KGB: The concept of the video was to prove just how timeless this record feels. The video journeys through the aesthetics of the 1970’s, 90’s and early 2000’s. You’ll see us in vibrant clothing and rocking hairstyles from the 70’s. You’ll also see Shally in a traditional kurta chadra paying homage to our legends of the golden era. Finally, you’ll see us arrive in the early 2000’s with classic basketball jerseys and oversized clothes.

5. What do you have coming up next? 

SR: We have so much music coming in 2023. After the release of “STEP” we’ll be continuing the flow of music with some Punjabi Hip Hop and English collaborations, another song with the team at Snakes & Ladders, and much more.
KGB: We’re super excited for the next single. I won’t give too much away but we’ll be having someone join us for the next record. 2023 is locked and loaded with releases. We’re so privileged to be in the position we are in with many records ready for the world to hear. This year you will hear a lot of music from Shally & KGB.

Listen to Shally Rehal on Spotify HERE.

Listen to KULTARGOTBOUNCE on Spotify HERE.