Emerging rap sensation from the hills of Meghalaya, Reble has unveiled ‘Opening Act’, a brand new single as part of her upcoming album. Rebel is managed by ‘nrtya‘, an agency based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India who specialize in promoting cultural exchange and appreciation of music and arts in our country through various services such as event management, artist management, booking agency, curation, and programming. 

In a musical revelation that delves into the very essence of Reble’s creative identity, ‘Opening Act’ emerges as an eloquent portrayal of the artist’s inner world. The song presents a deeply resonant perspective, capturing the essence of an aspiring underground artist yearning for her moment in the spotlight. As the title implies, the opening act serves as a prelude to what her forthcoming album holds.

Listen to ‘Opening Act’ below

In relation to the inspiration behind the song, Reble explains, “The challenges of consistently being placed in opening act slots for younger and newer performers feel discouraging for us as emerging artists, as we believe we deserve better opportunities. This song shows the process I use to cope with the struggles an artist goes through during the early stages of their career.”

Providing a tantalizing peek into Reble’s realm, the video intricately weaves a tapestry of her day, a departure from the ordinary college cadence. It unveils a symphony of creativity as she melds composition, impromptu jam sessions, and magnetic stage performances, sculpting a day that’s both enervating and euphoric. The camera becomes a storyteller, capturing her in the very essence of her being. Through striking visuals, you’re invited into the exciting journey that lies ahead—a sneak peek at the grand scale and bold ambition.

About Reble

Daiaphi Lamare aka Reble, is rapper from Meghalaya, India. Although originally from West Jaintia Hills, her artistic aim has always been focused on representing all of North-east India, through her work. Battling the adversities of her own personal struggles, she intends for her razor-sharp lyricism and unique flows, to inspire those like herself to come forward and embrace their art, where opportunities may often seem lacking.


Raised in a land famed for its music-obsessed communities, Rebel was raised on multiple genres. Growing up on the likes of Linkin Park, and RHCP, influenced and inspired by Eminem, Bigge, Andre 3000, and many more. Emphasizing on creating music and lyrics that connect with the layman, rather than complexity that scares away, Rebel’s music aims to combine hard- hitting truths with the realities of every day. Being one of the very few female rappers to come out of her hometown, she hopes to be able to, in turn, inspires future aspiring female rappers to step forward and into the Indian rap culture.