Pranati Khanna

We are stocked to interview Peekay about her latest single called ‘Good, Old Fashioned in Love’. Pranati Khanna is a vinyl collector, CEO & a jazz singer from Hyderabad. 
Musicmandir – Hi Pranali, could you tell us a little about yourself?
I’m Pranati Khanna AKA Peekay. I always wanted to play the guitar and sing. I got booed off stage at 14 years old at a concert for a charity that I organised myself! I then made it my mission in life to be as good an artist as possible. So, now, at 28 – I am a singer/songwriter and I co-own a design & marketing firm called The Whole Shebang. I also am a partner with a speakeasy called Giggle Water. I sing Jazz there every Friday. Oh but most importantly – I have a dog Snowy and an African Grey parrot named Tito. That sums me up. 
Musicmandir – What was the hook behind your single ‘Good, Old Fashioned in Love’?
Umm okay. I am a divorcee and have seen the ugliest side to love and life. I have never been treated well by men.
And now that I have allowed myself to love again – I found a perfect love. The kind I saw my grandparents have. I have ever been happier. So the hook “I’m a good, old fashioned in love” comes from that fascination and gratitude in me.
Musicmandir – Are you playing any instruments on the track? Who are the other musicians involved?
I wrote the song on my guitar but sent it for production to Jonathan Anand Wesley in Bangalore. He produced the entire track &
AISHAN VALI raps on it.
Musicmandir – Are you a full-time musician? We’re intrigued by your CEO title in your bio and would love to know more if that’s okay.
I am a part-time musician. I am the CEO of a design & marketing firm called The Whole Shebang (check it out here). I have two other partners and we have a team of 9. We do social media marketing, print design, illustration, jingles, and everything marketing related. 
Musicmandir – Five Indian Independent artists you enjoy listening to?
Ok here’s my list!
  1. Raveena Aurora
  2. Baby Rose
  3. Malavika Manoj
  4. Dhruv Visvanath
  5. Yohan Marshall
Musicmandir – Any advice to someone writing their first song in a bedroom somewhere?
Turn your gadgets off, lock yourself up with some food & drinks. Follow your heart. Be honest. Be real about what you’re writing about. Never mind what “people like” or who’s famous and you think you need to sound like. Just be you.

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