Meet singer/producer Atteev Bhansali who just released his EP called ‘Fragments of My Former Self’ on 22nd of May, 2020.

Musicmandir – Hello, tell us a little about yourself? I’m a Mumbai based singer-songwriter/producer and have been working professionally on music since September of 2019. Music has been a huge part of my life and I have been writing since the age of 16. I got into production because I wanted to test my untapped abilities and gauge if I was capable of creating a sound that resonates & I needed to see for myself whether I had what it takes to make my own music independently. The idea of being a self-reliant artist drove me to delve deeper into the world of music and learn about everything in between. Regardless of the outcome, I feel like I’ve done myself proud. 

Musicmandir – How would you categorise or describe your music? Honestly, the first thing that comes to my head is that I fall largely under the category of Pop, however I don’t think it’s right for me to put myself inside of this ‘box’. I believe that my music is anything that it wants it to be. Working on this EP has taught me one thing for sure which is that I still don’t know where I stand as an artist because it’s a constant process of learning and evolving. However, with that being said I get most of my inspiration from artists like Jon Bellion, Ed Sheeran, Charlie Puth and Lauv.

Musicmandir – Tell us a little about the track you released titled ‘Where you going?’  I wrote this song after I met this girl who I really vibed with but it was quite short lived since we don’t really live in the same country. Spending time with her during those five days, making completely random memories and realising that what we have would not  work in the long run is kinda what inspired me to write ‘where you going’, which led to 4 more songs, and then my EP.

Musicmandir – How was it collaborating with LA producer KLEEN for the track ‘Way to Go’? KLEEN and I were roommates when I was studying in LA and both of us instantly hit it off and we became really close. Fast forward a year, we have a super tight friendship and our first single ‘Way to Go’ was born through a sample that I had found on Splice. This then sparked into a month-long journey of FaceTime calls every single day for 6 hours to complete this song. We recorded all the vocals in my home studio which was quite an experience since it was the first time working with a professional. KLEEN is an extremely talented music producer and more than that an extremely supportive friend. A lot of what I know right now is credited to him and he’s like the older brother I never had.

Check out KLEEN here.

Musicmandir – Give us 5 Indian artists you enjoy listening to? Here are my top 5 –

  1. Prateek Kuhaad
  2. Shamoon Ismail
  3. Lifafa
  4. When chai met toast
  5. The Yellow diary

Musicmandir – Where can people find you on social media?

Everyone can follow me on my Instagram and YouTube.