Hitherto is a a post-rock/ambient project based out of New Delhi, (India) and London (England). The band has been active since 2015 and have 2 EPs and a single under their name. Hitherto is coming out with a new two-track release called ‘Fragments/Atomized’ in May 2022.

About the band

Hitherto is a collaboration between Arsh Goswami (New Delhi, India) and Shrey Kathuria (London, UK) formed in late 2015. Originally set as a conventional band, Hitherto has evolved into a collaborative project between Arsh and Shrey. The duo manages production, engineering and visuals for Hitherto and often partner with other artists on projects.

After a break from the last self-titled EP, Hitherto is back with two new tracks –– Fragments and Atomized. The 14-minute long sequence represents a sonic shift from their previous work.

About Fragments

Fragments is an ambient track imagined and composed by Shrey Kathuria. The track explores dithering memories and hazy nostalgia through a sonic meditation.

Fragments displays Hitherto’s new ambient- electronic trajectory montaging field recordings, synth pads and guitars by musician Arsh Goswami unfolding a tranquil dronescape. Fragments’ core motivation is rooted in Shrey’s childhood memories of playing in the park until dusk on a summer day — except, the memories are now fading. The song aims to give body to the abstract sense of connection that he feels with his family home in New Delhi.

A culmination of Shrey’s recent sound-art endeavours, Fragments is his debut release that crosses tangents with post-rock, ambient and field recording.

About Atomized

Atomized is closer to Hitherto’s traditional style of post-rock/metal. On this track, the duo has collaborated with Delhi-NCR-based artists Jishnu Chakraborty (Alien Sky Cult, tacocat!) on Bass and Pratish Kapoor on Drums. After the second wave of the pandemic in India, Arsh began working on a composition to capture recurring waves of daily anxiety that accompanied the lockdowns in India.

Atomized developed from the daily rituals of relative peace and quiet that were disrupted by unexpected events – bringing a familiar uneasiness with the layering of guitars on the track. The agitated mind living through each passing day – characterized by the drums and bass – of a prolonged period of isolation of individual identities from the social whole. Atomized invites listeners to experience modern-day apprehensions and hopes through comforting layers of synths by Shrey that try to resist a loud, ascending rumble of all the instruments.

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