Lo! Peninsula

A pleasure talking to rock and rollers from Imphal, Manipur who were recently interviewed by Owen Murphy from KEXP about their Do-It-Yourself approach and release of their debut album called 'Lo! Peninsula'. The band generates a wall of sound filled with sonic riffs, hard baselines and a rock solid drum rhythm that immediately grabs your attention.

Musicmandir - Hey Lo! Peninsula, please tell us about yourself. Where are you from and who are the members?
Lo! Peninsula - We are from Imphal, Manipur. The band comprises of Nitin Shamurailatpam (Guitars/Vocals), Avinash Thokchom (Bass) and Jyotin Elangbam (Drums).
Musicmandir - What does Lo! Peninsula mean? How did you end up using that as your band name.
Lo! Peninsula - Lo! Peninsula means nothing clever or exciting, but the name came about after discovering a business card tucked in Nitin's guitar amp that reads 'The Peninsula Studio.'
Musicmandir - How do you categorise your music? Your sound is a mix of so many influences, how hard is it to stick to a working sound or style?
Lo! Peninsula - It's a concoction of everything that sounds noisey and dreamy.
So there's a bit of shoegaze, dreampop and a dash of neo-psych rock. We've
just started and we're yet to experience the hardship (if at all) of sticking to a working style.
Musicmandir - 5 Indian artists you love listening to.
Lo! Peninsula - Hoirong (Kamal Singh), Dreamhour, Shashwat Bulusu, Begum and That Boy Roby.
Musicmandir - What is your perception of the current independent scene and are there somethings you feel could be better?
Lo! Peninsula - In terms of the frequency of music events happening in the country, it would be safe to say that we now have a thriving live music scene. But the problem is that you only get to see a select set of artists/bands playing almost every event which kind of makes you feel like they represent the scene in the country. Maybe assimilating more and more lesser-known artists could help build a thriving music ecosystem.
Musicmandir - Where can the good people follow and band and buy your music from?
Lo! Peninsula - Our music is available on BandCamp and across all major streaming platformsWe are also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Check out their music video titled 'Another Divine Joke'.

Musicmandir - Any current/future plans or band announcements to look forward to?
Lo! Peninsula - Oh, yes, we'll try and release more music soon 🙂
Musicmandir - Any advice to independent musicians or bands jamming in a small room somewhere in India?
Lo! Peninsula - Oh, that's a tricky one because we do not have enough experience to give anyone any advice hahahh. Um, maybe (besides sticking to a practice routine) try every possible ways to discover moments that excites you when you're jamming. It helped us 🙂

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