Sutej Singh

Fun chat with Mr Sutej Singh who’s debut Prog Metal album called ‘The Emerging’  has garnered fans from all over the country. The album has everything from post rock type melodies to heavy riffs paying homage to Pink Floyd and Dream Theatre. Mr Singh collaborated with multiple well reputed musicians ranging from U.K. prog band Haken’s drummer Raymond Hearne and bassist Kylan Amos to Swedish guitarist Peter Henningsson, Australian composer Leon Ross for orchestral elements and American flautist Gina Luciani. Drums for the rest of the eight-track album were completed by U.K. veteran drummer Scott Higham.


Musicmandir – Hi Sutej, tell us a little about yourself?


Sutej – For starters, I’m a Mechanical Engineer who graduated in 2014 but somewhere around 2013 I decided to be a musician instead. So now I’m a full time musician. 
Musicmandir – How does it feel having a number one on iTunes India’s all-genre albums chart within a day of the release of your album?


Sutej – It felt unreal! Getting a special spotlight feature was already enough to make me the happiest man at that time. I was so happy seeing the album at the top.
Apart from that, I feel really proud to take this genre of Instrumental Prog Metal in the limelight amongst other mainstream music. It’s a beautiful achievement. 


Musicmandir – You’ve taken DIY to another level by connecting and collaborating with some of the worlds biggest musicians? How does that happen exactly?


Sutej – It’s easy! Just mail or message them wherever you think they can reply and then wait for the reply. It normally works like that. 


Musicmandir – Do you feel making an album in a city like Mumbai or Bangalore would have been different than from Solan


Sutej – Yeah definitely would have been different. Better or worse I don’t know. But working here in my room in Solan brings out the best of me. A nice view ofthe mountains through my windows, nice cool weather and home comfort helps me out. 


Musicmandir – Can we get a glimpse of the view from your room in Solan?


Sutej – Of course! Every day is different mood.
Musicmandir – What plans for 2019?


Sutej – Planning to do more shows this year end and coming up with new music. Also, a step in Bollywood would be something I’ll continuously work on. 


Musicmandir – It’s interesting to hear you would like to venture into Bollywood. Do you see more instrumental prog metal style music entering films or more of background score and production? Do elaborate.


Sutej – I was talking about the background scoring. I’m really passionate about it. Always aspired to do it.


Musicmandir – Any advice for young musicians practising in their bedrooms?


Sutej – Well, I would just suggest them to find their own musicality. In today’s world, it’s tough to sound different from other musicians. Everything or eveyone seems heavily inpired from their mentors. Which is not a bad thing, but also not a good thing if you wish to carry this as a profession.


Musicmandir – 5 favourite Indian artists


Sutej – In no particular order – Parvaaz, Blackstratblues, Shadow & Light, Shubhank Sharma, That Boy Roby


Please check out Sutej’s debut album titled ‘The Emerging’ available on all platforms and support independent music.