Bipul Chettri

My first album from Nepal and it's beautiful!.

Bipul Chettri released 'Sketches of Darjeeling' in the beginning of 2013, the album is inspired and influenced by life around the hills of Darjeeling on the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas. The album has a very organic and earthy feel to it, bringing modern rock and Nepali folk music together.

Bipul Chettri

All the songs are sung and written by Bipul Chettri. His laid back style and a strong voice confidently oozes out throughout this album.

What is that feeling called when you can't understand a word being said but you're still smiling and content? That's what "Sketches of Darjeeling' does for me. You could spend hours listening to every song on repeat and it wouldn't sound monotonous.

I really wish I could have the lyrics of all his songs transcribed to English but again I think I rather not. Because it's great to get lost in the melodies and make your own little short story out of the music. A car journey between the great Himalayan range or a quick burst through the local trains in Mumbai. Every song is a story being told to you in a language your mind doesn't comprehend but your heart does.

Here is a song from the album


'Asaar' means the monsoons in nepali.

The monsoons in my hometown have always been special to me and therefore the inspiration for this song. The sound of the rainfall on rooftops is the sweetest noise I have ever heard. - Bipul Chettri

Bipul Chettri is an extremely talented artist who's music is unique and a pleasure to listen to. I wish him all the best and can't wait for his next album.

I again urge my readers to buy music from your favourite artists and support the scene.

'Sketches of Darjeeling' is available on the following platforms.

OKListen and iTunes. You can also support him on his Facebook page.

Hope to catch your live gig very soon. 

Update: The new album 'Basant' is now available for purchase from these platforms.

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