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Pranay Bakshi, also known as Cosmic Grooves, is a Mumbai based producer, sound engineer, and DJ who just released his album titled ‘5AM Metamorphosis’ this week. While he primarily produces lo-fi music, he’s been inspired by a wide array of musical influences which can be distinctively heard all through the album.

Currently, Cosmic Grooves is working primarily with singer-songwriter
Anoushka Maskey. The two have released three EPs, individually and as a duo, this year. They plan to continue experimenting in all aspects of their work, and aim to continue making music that encourages people to think, and makes some sort of a difference, small or big, in their listeners’ minds.

His latest album titled ‘5AM Metamorphosis’, Cosmic Grooves says is inspired by the state of mind that he often experiences once the sun sets. The strategic progression of the songs in the album is placed to encapsulate the darkness that takes over the mind with each passing hour of the night. Each song in the album individually represents the state of mind at a particular point during the night. 

Midnight Monologue starts the album, depicting the start of the deep dive into the mind. It is the beginning of the conversation in my mind, where I’m rethinking life situations; things that lead us to where we are; and things of that nature. The stress on the mind is relatively minor at this point in the night.

Memory Lane, as the name suggests, explores the act of being lost in reminiscing, and pondering upon things in the past, both good and bad.

Tomorrow is Yesterday, Ephemeral, and Decent are when things begin to get progressively worse in my mind. Tomorrow is Yesterday captures how swiftly and quietly time passes us by, and all you’re left with is the realisation that it has.

The theme carries over to Ephemeral, and the track dives deeper into exploring how short lived every single moment is. It is the taking over of the disheartening realisation of how volatile time is, and that nothing ever comes back. The carrying over of this theme to descent is when things begin to get truly haywire. The realisations metamorphosize to anxiety, and the mind begins to enter into the darkest part of the endless pit.

Auditory Moon Collapse is the deep dive into the darkest point of the night. This is the point of being absolutely consumed by my thoughts, with no sight of an escape from the dive. It is the point where everything from the past, present, future, is being questioned and revisited. This is the pivotal point where I am convinced that life is utterly pointless, and everything that we do ultimately amounts to nothing, since we’re all only inching closer to our deaths. Auditory Moon Collapse taps into the deepest point of my nihilism. 

The title track, 5AM Metamorphosis, comes in as the 7th song in the 8 track album. Coming in at the break of dawn, it represents hope and the reminder that maybe things are only as bad as we build them up to be. This track uses the imagery of sunlight at daybreak to depict ‘the light at the end of the tunnel.’ 

We’ll Meet Again closes the album. This track can be interpreted as both a message to my listeners, telling them that we are soon to meet again; or from the perspective of my nihilism saying that while it’s goodbye for now, we will meet again.

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