Soulmate is one of India’s most loved Blues / Rock bands based out of Shillong, India. Singer Tipriti Kharbangar & Guitarist Rudy Wallang have been playing the blues for close to two decades and are ready to launch their latest album called ‘Give Love’ in August 2020. They have been incredibly kind to share with us some insights into their process of making this new album.

To stream the entire album click here.

Musicmandir – Is there maybe a theme to the new album other than what meets the eye and would you like to describe it for us?

Tipriti Kharbangar

Soulmate – I think that this time round, a few of the songs do speak about the world we live in today. A world of greed and selfishness, Its never been so blatant as it is today. Otherwise the underlying theme is simple. Its about self-awareness and using this awareness to spread the message of Love.

Musicmandir – How has the lockdown experience been for the band since Soulmate tours so often across India and abroad. Was it a blessing in disguise which helped you write original music, rehearse & relax?

Soulmate – The lockdown has had both, it’s pros and cons. On the one side we have lost our source of income and livelihood which is touring. On the other hand, it has given us time to explore other facets of our lives that we have kept on hold due to our constant travels and touring. Time we’ve had to spend with our families, time to do stuff that we only think about but never get down to doing. Tips has bought a cycle and has been busy cycling all over the place 🙂 Rudy has got his nose into editing and making home videos for the band. The yin and yang of this lockdown!

Musicmandir – This is a question for Mr Rudy, could you maybe give us a little sneak into your guitar equipment for the album. Guitar, pedals, amp used?

Rudy – This time round, for almost all the songs it was my Stratocaster directly into the Fender Blues Jr for most rhythm parts or the Strat into the Keeley Modded Ts9 into the Blues Jr and Fender Supersonic 22 for all the lead parts. Nothing fancy at all, I’ve just enjoyed playing thru the Blues Jr so much! It sounds awesome on its own. I did play rhythm on the Telecaster for two songs namely Give Love and Don’t You Miss Me Baby.

Rudy Wallang

Musicmandir – Could you mention the other accompanying musicians part of the album and where it was mixed and mastered?

Soulmate – Yes, we have Hmingpuia, from Aizawl, Mizoram playing the slide solo on a song called Hole In Your Soul. He was a part of the NH7 Blues Project and we just loved the solo he wrote/composed for the song so we decided not to change anything.

Ron Cha played Organ on the song Don’t You Miss Me Baby while Raveen Panday backed us up with the Hammond Organ on Troubled Times. Brian Suting played keyboards on 5 of the songs. And last but not the least are the Groove Brothers, Leon Wallang and Vincent Tariang, our power packed rhythm section backing us nice and tight through the album.

The tracking for the album was done at Rudys home studio while it was Mixed and Mastered by Bari Khonglah at The Basement Studio here in Shillong.


Musicmandir – Who are some Indian artists you’ve been listening to?

Rudy – Blackstratblues, Rhythm Shaw, Big Bang Blues, Sky Eyes.

Tips been listening to guitarded.jon on Instagram and their music is really soothing.

Musicmandir – Taking into account the various venues you’ve played across the world, could you tell us about one specific memory that you are fond of which you’d like to share with us?

Rudy – One memory that stands out was when we played at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. We had to play two shows that day and they were both sold out. And what felt so good was the fact that there were people from our hometown who had settled in the US and they all came out to see us, and there was this Khasi lady who dressed up in her finest (Khasi) traditional costume just for the occasion! It was a proud moment.

Listen to this incredible live performance of the single ‘GIVE LOVE’.