Tanya Nambiar

Meet singer, anchor, voice over artist and the co-founder of El Diablo, a venture producing fresh and natural sauces with absolutely unique flavours. She always wanted a career in music but also wanted to be financially stable, hence pursued other passions on the side. Today she is her own boss & loves donning her many hats.

Musicmandir – How would you describe the sound of your latest single ‘Midnight Run’?

Tanya – It’s an Electro pop track. It’s groovy, fun and chilled out.

Listen to Midnight Run here.

Musicmandir – The track is so different from ‘Big City’? Is that something intentional or does it come out naturally?

Tanya – I love playing around with different genres. Big City was more of a modern electro jazz song and Midnight Run is more pop. I’ve been influenced by so many genres in my life and I guess that’s why I have such varied sounds. Both the tracks were produced by Atmus. He gets the vision for my songs and I’ve absolutely loved working with him . As an artist, I love experimenting with different sounds and then create something that represents who I am.

Musicmandir – What is your perception of a female independent artist in India today? Maybe shed some light on pros and cons according to you? 

Tanya – Either your music clicks or it doesn’t. I don’t think the audience differentiates between genders. And that’s how it should be. We are all working hard to put our stuff out there. At the end of the day, it’s all about good music and that’s what sells. No matter what gender you are.

Musicmandir – Five indian independent artists you enjoy listening to? 

Tanya – Ah so many artists I enjoy listening to –

  1. Till apes (just discovered them and I absolutely love their stuff)
  2. Thermal and a quarter 
  3. Dreamhour
  4. Skrat (We reviewed the trio here).
  5. Mali (Read our interview with Mail here)

Musicmandir – Any advice to someone in their bedroom wanting to release a track.

Tanya – Put out the music that best represents you. Don’t follow trends. And never be afraid to take risks. Great things never come from comfort zones.

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Facebook- www.facebook.com/tanya.nambiar
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Twitter – @tanyanambiar