We are super excited to talk to Zahaan Khan aka Zanuski who just released his latest work titled ‘Free Flow Mon Ami Vol. 2’ which can be described as a mix of Electronic, Downtempo and Dance Influences. Over the years the Mumbai based producer dropped two EPs, the three-track Dear Oceanfire and the five-song offering Free Flow Mon Ami, Vol 1

Musicmandir – Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Zahaan Khan. I’m a music artist, composer, and producer. I was born and raised in Bombay and I have always been passionate about music. I come from a family of actors and filmmakers in the Indian film industry. I graduated in culinary arts as a chef but ultimately it was the creative avenue of music-making that became my profession in my late twenties. As I continue to carve my career path I recognize myself as an avid opportunist and experimenter. My experimentations have led me to release music from varied genres such as electronic, acoustic singer-songwriter & analog-based instrumentals. 

Musicmandir – What was the inspiration behind ‘Free Flow Mon Ami Vol. 2’?

I describe the Free Flow Mon Ami Volumes as an ‘anything goes, bit-crushed, incidental experiment in electronic music’. Free Flow Mon Ami Vol. 2 picks up from where Vol.1 left off. ‘Mon Ami’ is the name of the apartment in which I moved in with my girlfriend and two cats about two years ago. I wanted to commemorate this new chapter of independence by creating something in this space (& not in my studio). The idea behind the Free Flow Mon Ami series is to explore a sense of flow with respect to the creation of music. It’s definitely an experimental approach to the production process. I actively try to refrain from passing judgment on the outcome of my creations as much as I try and revel in the making of it. I limit myself to a minimal setup to ensure I bring about a sense of uniformity in the music. Much is revealed to me about the direction of each track as I chip away toward its completion. The less I judge my own process, the more I am able to freely experiment, thereby further inducing my state of ‘free-flow.’

Listen to the album here.

Musicmandir – The EP has incredibly diverse influences ranging from electronica. synth, trance and dance. How have you been inspired while making this particular EP?

Much of my inspiration is drawn from being present to the purpose of creating. I also happen to listen to a lot of music that varies in genres and maybe that is why the music in the Free Flow series is not dominated by one particular style.

Musicmandir – Did you play all the instruments yourself? Do you consider working alone a better approach then say a band working together?

I did play, program, and produce all the music myself. I do not think one approach is better than the other. Making music in a collaborative format can be as rewarding an endeavor as figuring out the pieces to the puzzle by yourself.

Musicmandir – Can you shed some light on the label ‘Noosphere Network’ which has released your EP?

Noosphere Network is a platform that is synonymous with being unbound and welcoming. I am super appreciative that this series feels at home at the label alongside other quality music.

Musicmandir – Give us 5 Indian Independent musicians you have been listening to lately?

When Chai Met Toast, Tarun Balani, Ezzyland. That’s about all I can name at the moment.

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