Fopchu is an electronic rock outfit from Delhi who released 'Milk Bred' an EP, which officially released on October 5, 2018. The bands music oozes out hip hop beat rhythms with funky jazz chord voicings and a warm lofi kind of vibe.

Musicmandir - Please introduce the band.

Fopchu - Hi there Jatin!
Did we spell your name correct? Its just that in today's world, spellings can differ and we didn't wanna start this interview on the wrong foot by spelling your name incorrectly. did you know that wrongly is not only a bean that you eat but also an actual word, which if you pay attention to the comparison we just made would explain the meaning of the word. also we're a band known to strike a chord or two. We're called Fopchu

Musicmandir - What’s the story behind Fopchu?

Fopchu - The band started little over 2 years ago and has been progressively consuming barbrained conflogulations to deal with the hypoglocynial fripple-bait that is such a common occurrence around New Delhi. Particularly in the south. It is no wonder that we in fact do play instruments and contrary to popular belief we do not all share the same last name. We're sure this is absolutely true and urge the reader to investigate for themselves.
Musicmandir - How would you describe your sound?

Fopchu - Our sound has the potential to be described, no doubt, though best left to others with a keen sense of observation, such as the good folks at Wild City who said the following "Their sound, if you really want to know, is a mix of synthesisers and samplers with the other usual components that make up a quintessential band – guitars, bass and drums. But then that simplifies their sound to a bare mix of instrumentation, and FOPCHU's more than that. FOPCHU is where jazz and blues meet zany comical characters and frivolous moods; an awkwardly relatable conference of hip-hop, funk and rock, marked by easy grooves and catchy melodies."

Musicmandir - What or who influences the music?

Fopchu - We're new age old people. Nostalgic warmth and sharp edges make their way into who or what influences us. Though, we love CAN. There are tons of other musicz and peopleses we love and admire.

Musicmandir - Which Indian artists are you currently listening to?

Fopchu - Currently not really listening to many Indian artists, but there's been a few cool bands and artists we've liked - Worms cottage, The Koniac Net, Laxminarayan Shankar, Run Its The Kid, Peter Cat Recording Co., Jamblu, The Jass B'stards, Pulpy Shilpy, Smooth Relax, Khasi Bloods.

Musicmandir - Do you prefer outdoor or indoor gigs?

Fopchu - We do prefer the mosquitoes found outdoors rather than in. Outside you can frantically run away from them, but when you're trapped in a bedroom with em, they just blend into their surroundings, bouncing off the walls and causing all kinds of rebound mayhem.

Musicmandir - Any plans to play in Mumbai soon?

Fopchu - We have a grandmother in Mumbai. we like to visit her but we often don't get the chance. We we're hoping music mandir could sponsor our trip to mumbai, all expenses paid, so we could cuddle with her.

Watch out for a couple of music videos out soon, and also catching Fopchu perform at the amazing Magnetic Fields this year.

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