Musicmandir is very pleased to feature 'Krameri' who was kind enough to talk to us from London about her new music and process of songwriting and producing. Her music is a mix of emotions and a deep rooted devotion to allowing her music to lead the way forward. Trained in classical Indian and Western music from the prestigious KM Music Conservatory in Chennai it was a pleasure to talk to her.

Musicmandir - Tell us a little about yourself? 

Krameri - My name is Damini Chauhan and I am 23 years old. Currently in London, where I just graduated from Middlesex University since it has a tie up with KM Music conservatory. We do three years in Chennai and the final year in London. I am also doing a short course in music production and sound engineering from point blank while recording my album titled ‘By The Sea’ which will release sometime around November.

Musicmandir - How was your experience in the KM Music Conservatory in Chennai?

KrameriThe best thing about KM are the teachers. The faculty is just exceptional and really what made me what I am. Adam Greig, who is the program leader inspired me so much, not just musically but also shaped my thoughts and opinions, about how I want to be as an artist and how I want to express myself. Gabriel Jones taught me piano and really just made me fall in love with it. Jimmy, who heads the composition module (he is a fantastic composer himself and is absolutely crazy who drives everyone crazy too),  introduced me to many composers/musicians such as Steve Reich, John Cage, also Sufjan Stevens. There are so many other mentors who have had such a huge contribution to my education at KM Music Conservatory.

I have a special place in my heart for the Hindustani faculty - Asawari ma’am, who was like a mother to everyone, Shruti ma’am, Humble Shine Sir, Rajesh Sir and Munnaji who apart from being so exceptionally talented of course, introduced me to their their spiritual side. The entire Hindustani faculty unknowingly or knowingly had this wonderful spiritual energy which i am lucky to have experienced and learned from. And last but not least, my production teacher Deepak Sugathan (who doesn’t teach there anymore) without whom there wouldn’t be a Krameri because I wrote my first ever song ‘Head in the Clouds’ as part of an assignment for his class and he was the one who encouraged me to write more and later on, acted as a manager, so of course he has been very instrumental in my journey and continues to be so, he is the one I turn to for any advice regarding my career.

Musicmandir - What’s the story behind the name ‘Krameri’?

Krameri - Krameri started out as a duo comprised of my friend Gopi Krishnan and me. I met him while studying at KM Music Conservatory in Chennai.

Krameri was born out my curiosity for a artist or rockstar name something like Hannah Montana if you like. I was travelling in a bus with my friends and just then there was a sign for a creamery and it was written in Gujarati and I read it as Krameri and decided that would sound really coolFast forward 10 years when me and my friends were discussing what our Russian prison names would be and I said Krameri Gustavo. And then 2-3 years later, when Gopi and I were brainstorming ideas, Krameri popped in my head again and that was it.

Musicmandir - In very simple terms what's your approach to making music, is it instinctive or you write the lyrics first?

KrameriMy approach towards making music is quite intimate and personal. More of non - musical things inspire me to make music than actual music itself. Like a painting, place, film, an emotion, a person, a smell…something like that. Especially if something has an aesthetic- a place, photo, person, I will want to try and capture that and translate it into a sound medium if it inspires me. I love listening to songs in different languages-especially French, because I love the way the words sound. 

So the songs are just like thoughts, but I guess its like an expression of what I’ve absorbed subconsciously and I try not to take them too seriously as I wouldn’t say they define me. The production part is just like gift wrapping paper, its how you present the story to keep the listener engaged.

MusicmandirHow important is the lyrics of your music to you since you’ve described your music intimate and personal?

Krameri - Lyrics are the most important element for me in music, so the more of them, and the way they are worded and phrased, the more it excites me, which I why I love rap. I love memorizing it, I can’t help but want to know it by heart so I can sing along when I find my flow. I love words and sounds.

Musicmandir - Do you have any favorite Indian artists?

Krameri - I think Sandunes is so amazing. I saw her perform live a few years ago even before I started making any music of my own and when I saw her, I felt like it was something to aspire to. I remember she was dressed so simple in just jeans and sneakers and she put on the whole show by herself and it was just so refreshing to see a woman do what you usually see guys do. And she’s just so beautiful and humble too, and just really passionate about her craft and it shows. 

Also such a huge fan of Nucleya and Ritviz - i love their music.

Listen to Dead Roses by Krameri 

Musicmandir - What are you currently doing? Any future work in progress?

Krameri -  I am excited for the album as this is the first time I am doing everything start to finish, producing and mixing all on my own. It is harder to work alone, but also gives me more freedom to explore the sound I want and that is an interesting journey. This album is very thematic, the soundscape is inspired by water so there are a lot of ocean/sea samples and mallet instruments which sound really delicate and pretty! I can’t wait to share it.

MusicmandirWhere can our readers follow you? 

Krameri - You can follow me on the following channels - Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

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