The Vinyl Records

Meet 'The Vinyl Records' an all girl rock band from Delhi who's music is a mix of alt rock, punk and pop influences. The group is currently working on an exciting new project and have already released two tracks which are linked below in the article. The band spoke to us about their future plans, a possible official music video and their thoughts on the current independent scene.

Musicmandir - Hi, please tell us a little about yourself and the band members.
TVR - The Vinyl Records is a Post punk/ Indie rock band that officially came together in 2011 with the current line up of Cheyyrian on vocals/guitar/keys, Banu on guitars/vocals, Mithy on drums and Minam on Bass. The bands idea was conceived when school friends Banu, Minam and Mithy met Getem Apang (Bands ex manager/Guitarist of Omak Komut Collective) in 2010 and played the first show in Delhi where we met CheyyrianWe started covering indie electro bands like CSS, la roux and women fronted bands like The donnas, Sahara hotnights,Veruca salt. We were very inspired by the feminist movement riot grrl! 5-6 years back very few knew about the riot grrl movement in India.
MusicmandirTell us about this new sound you are working on. What inspired it?
TVR - 'Mekkoh' is an electronic project by Banu, Cherry and Mithy. We have been playing and writing music together since 2011 and a year back we decided to work on a new project. Mekkoh is a very different from The Vinyl Records. It’s our alter ego in a way, we keep experimenting with new sounds and at one point the songs which we wanted to write for TVR came out very differently and interesting. We felt that this new sound needs to be our identity.
In the future, we are looking forward to collaborate with as many women artist from the music industry
MusicmandirWhat is the songwriting process you use, does the lyrics come first or is it based of a melody?
TVROur songwriting process is a mixed bag. Everyone in the band is involved in the process, sometimes we start with lyrics/theme followed by melody or write the music first and then words
MusicmandirDo you prefer indoor or outdoor gigs while performing?
TVRWe enjoy big stages as well as out door spaces if we are playing somewhere outside Delhi. Indoor gigs also have an intimate essence to it and audiences feel more comfortable approaching us. At the end of the day we are happy if we have a good sound and our audience are dancing! 
Musicmandir - How soon can we hear from 'Mekkoh'?
TVR - Mekkoh has just released 2 singles Electric and Mekkuri last month .The music is  available on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud and YouTube

Listen to 'Electric' by Mekkoh


Musicmandir - How's your outlook on the independent scene and making music being a permanent income source?
TVR - We debuted 8 years back and so far a lot has changed from the sound to live opportunities for artist. There is definitely more awareness and audiences for indie music now. It’s good to see that the underground sounds of India are being recognised in global level with more number of music festivals and brands recognising local talent. Making a permanent income source is still a challenge for many of us but it’s not impossible for those artist who are being consistent with there approach and evolving their sound with time. Many good bands come and go, artist are still figuring out there own battles and sound.
Musicmandir - If there's one venue/city/festival you would like to play what would it be?
TVR - We love playing outdoor festival in the hills, Especially north east! Also Playing at RBMA weekender Stockholm with our idol Maria Andersson (Sahara Hotnights) was a dream come true 🙂 
Musicmandir5 Indian artists you love listening to?
TVRWe love watching the Skavengers live. Sandunes, pcrc, Dossers urge have interesting sound. Recently we really liked Ladies Compartment and Lo peninsula! 



Listen to 'Mekkoh' on our Indie Indians Spotify Playlist now.