Anand Bhaskar Collective

Heavy, Raw and Intense..

Grooving to Anand Bhaskar Collective all week!. Strong lyrics, heavy riffs and a tinge of carnatic melody makes 'Samsara' a beautiful album. 'Anand Bhaskar Collective' is a rock band consisting of Anand Bhaskar on vocal and rhythm guitar, Chandan Raina on lead and rhythm guitar, Neelkanth Patel on bass, Ajay Jayanthi on violin/FX and Shishir Tao on drums and percussions.

Anand Bhaskar Collective

They define their music as straight-up groove and melody centric. And the moment you listen to the songs you are drawn to the music and how every member of the band complements each other perfectly. Anand has a great voice which transitions effortlessly between vocally strong songs such as 'Hey Ram', 'Tere Bina' and softer songs such as 'Amma Appa', 'Roshanara' and 'Fanaa'.

Check out this brilliant version of 'Hey Ram' below -


Ajay Jayanthi on violin really adds some very nice textures throughout the album. All members of the band uniquely express themselves in every track which makes the full album feel like one unified story. Not an easy thing to do but very enjoyable indeed.

One final shout out is for the brilliant song called 'Chewtiya'. A genius song aimed at everyone who spits without logic or common sense. Spitting is an unnecessary habit and this song reminds us of it with style!. Thank you 🙂

Listen to 'Chewtiya' here

Please buy the album, listen, love and share. Just like we did 🙂

Thank you for the music!