Sick Society

Sick Society is a newly formed Alternative Rock outfit featuring members from Thaikkudam Bridge, Mad Bypass, The Harbingers, and C Major 7 who have joined forces to release a new 7 track album named ‘ECSTATIC‘ in June 2021. This album follows their debut 4 track EP titled ‘Weird Relay’ on 22nd November 2020.


The band has notable musicians such as vocalist Kiran Paul (also Vocalist for Mad Bypass), drummer Abin Thej (Founder of the Prog band The Harbingers & ex drummer of Thaikkudam Bridge), Guitarist Hari Krishnan PV (Guitarist for the multi-genre band C Major 7 and The Harbingers) and Keyboardist Ruthin Thej (keyboardist for Thaikkudam Bridge).

As we all know Happiness comes in waves. You’ll see it come right after grief, coz that’s why it is a wave. It goes up and down but the pleasurable fact is that it keeps coming no matter what. That is what life is, so lets face life with no oppression. Lets all stay Ecstatic.

That was the basic idea and motive behind the album. The initial song compositions for the album were all conceived amidst the lockdown when the unprecedented pandemic hit the world. While Kiran and Abin had
the core arrangements laid out, Hari Krishnan and Ruthin added their own flavors to the band’s music. Belt out like pure Rock Ballads, the band boasts a heavenly combination of soulful melodies and pleasant instrumentation. Taking inspiration from their personal life experiences and their musical influences from the realms of Rock n Roll and Alternative Rock, the band is on a journey to make one experience numerous emotions through this release.

The album kicks off with the track ‘Hopeless’ describing about one’s happiness in following his own dreams and his own desires without giving a damn about what society thinks of him.

‘Rainy day ‘ brings down the feeling of an indelible day and night spent in one’s life with that one person on a rainy day. A personal take of going back to the time when earth was so green and the atmosphere was so
clean, this song indulges the feeling of oneself enjoying the earth everyone once believed heaven to be.

‘The one’ a song that came from one mans pure love towards a woman and speaks of a conversation about ‘the one’ to his mom. Purely everyone’s dream is to be a child again and enjoy that feeling of knowing no pain and struggles in life.

The track ‘Ecstatic’ takes us back to the time when we were young. The last song came out of all the pain and difficulties we face in the society right now.

We are sick society and we need to throw out the dirt in the country, the song is called ‘Annoy’. The album also has a bonus track, acoustic version, the reimagined version of our man’s love ‘The one’.

Check out our conversation with Sick Society about Ecstatic

“We tried to make sure that this album was no way similar to our previous one because we believe that is how a band would improve. Trying out different styles without leaving our core and expanding genres .

‘And from the album I would say, mesmerize and the one are my favorites says the founder and drummer Abin Thej.

Describing the album as his most personal record ever, founder and vocalist Kiran Paul adds ‘It always has been my dream to form an alternative rock band. Pretty happy to release 7 songs that satisfy my heart. After 3 months of hard work, one of our biggest dreams came true and we were able to release ‘ECSTATIC’, literally a combination of our life experiences and our emotions. It is a great achievement for aspiring
bands like us!!”

Sick Society comprises of

Vocals : Kiran Paul
Drums : Abin Thej
Guitars : Hari Krishnan PV
Keyboard : Ruthin Thej