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Mixtaped Monk

We spoke to 'Mixtaped Monk' aka Arka Sengupta about his inspirations, songwriting process and influences. Till date, Mixtaped Monk has released 4 full-length albums, an EP and 5 singles. His albums have received rave … Read More

Ryan Sadri

It was a pleasure speaking to Mr Ryan Sadri one of the torchbearers of the jazz scene in Mumbai. Ryan is also part of the groovy band called 'Something Relevant' formed while he … Read More


‘Musicmandir’ is thrilled to talk to ‘Wayside’, a three-piece rock and roll band from Chennai consisting of Elvis Xaviour on guitar and vocals, Pranav K R on drums and Shiv … Read More


India's answer to a power packed 'Trio' band is here.. 'Skrat’ is a no nonsense hard rock band from Chennai. I recently picked up the new album titled ‘The Queen’ … Read More

Sara Haider

Roommate suggestions are always interesting. My roommate introduced me to the incredible Sara Haider. Sara is a singer-songwriter from Pakistan and is great at what she does. She has a … Read More